10 Ideas to organize and furnish the children’s study space

girls study zone

romantic and beautiful children’s desk with stools in different colors that contrast with a delicate wallpaper of small flowers

Before thinking about how beautiful the nursery will be and getting started, it is very important to arrange the study space according to some fundamental variables. To do this, at the end of the post you have some clear guidelines that give us Cesareo Hernandezpsychologist and trainer, so that we do not overlook any detail and we can help our little ones with their studies in an efficient and responsible way.

And as for the layout of the study room, we found ideas and more ideas… until we reached 10! There is something for everyone, romantic and feminine, vintage, linear, design… but there is a clear tendency to mix, as we have seen in recent years. Chairs and tables in different styles and/or colors go great together, colorful in details decorating such as drawings, pennants, frames… an informal touch where functionality and taste of each predominate. We took inspiration from sources like Pinterest, Mommo DesignThe Boo and the Boy… I hope you like them!

study room for children 11

A study room for very young girls “The furniture” all in tone in white and pink

children's desk 3

precious very modern nursery that contrasts with modern furniture, recycled vintage furniture and a cheerful garland of lanterns that adds a pop of color

children study zone 7

Linear and functional

children study zone 6

Small retro desk by beautiful thingscolor can be adapted to the children’s room

children study zone 5

Example of the importance of choosing a nice paint color. With the Ikea furniture in white and pink they have a super nice atmosphere and certainly nothing expensive

children's study zone 4

I love this desk with the two built-in stools from Benjamin

study area for children

Can it be simpler and more refined?

children's study zone 8A very “full” children’s wallpaper and white furniture!sure hit

children's desk 2


children study zone 9


What factors must be taken into account to design the study area? (Through physiopsychology

1- Lightning. They go to work for hours and hours at their desks during their school phase, making sure they have good lighting, if it is better of course, and not having to strain their eyes too much. The gooseneck that is correctly oriented and with sufficient intensity.

2- The chair: Don’t neglect the ergonomic part. A very straight back will allow energy to flow better and not create as much tension in the cervix, so the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain does not decrease. All this will greatly improve your performance, but it implies good posture education.

3- Separate the study area from the play area as far as possible. Studying in a recreation room reduces the child’s concentration level, associating the space with other types of emotions and playful behavior. If it is not possible for them to have a room for each assignment, try to clearly define the study and play hours in that room. The simple fact that he studies in street clothes, or the school uniform, and when it comes to play, that he puts on more comfortable clothes that mean “now I’m going to play” can help you.

4- sounds† A calm and quiet environment is important to facilitate concentration, as the child’s head is fed back to the environment. If he studies, let’s avoid having to listen to [email protected] having fun

5- Lectern: As long as the children don’t know how to maintain proper posture, and even if they already do, it is advisable to raise the book with a stand, or prop it up on other lying books so that they don’t have to bend it over. so much and avoid all the damage it causes.

6- Know why and for which study† It is highly recommended that before you start studying that you sit quietly at the table for a few minutes, still and with your eyes closed, and visualize that you are studying very well, that you are getting very good grades, that your parents are very happy, that you let them do what you want in your spare time, and that when you grow up, it will be what you really want. The fact that you can see in your head that studying is directly related to what you want and enjoy the most is very motivating.

Now we parents have to do homework… We hope this post has been useful to you and that you have created some beautiful, functional and very well organized study places for children.

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