3 pastel shades for children’s rooms

Soft tones in children’s rooms are a trend, but they are also usually a good choice for creating serene spaces, which is why we really like them as the main option for children’s rooms. Today we are going to give you some inspiration with these pastel shades, talking about the three most important ones that we see in the children’s rooms: mint green, light pink and sky blue† We start with mint, with a nursery with argyle walls and matching wooden furniture in Thebooandtheboy† Which one will be your favourite?

Mint, the green that has conquered the Scandinavian world

Mint green is one of the most talked about colors, and it is still a hue that is loved everywhere. Green is a very serene color It is also suitable for both the boys and girls room.† A good choice that can be used a lot. In this nursery Thebooandtheboy They painted the vintage wooden furniture to refresh it and match it with a gray mountain wall.

Another way to introduce this tone is in small details. Some nice textiles, a lampshade or a print on the wall is a good excuse to add mint green to the room. In Ministyleblog They also wanted to mix it with gray, a perfect shade for this green, in a vintage room with a beautiful wrought iron bed.

Pastel blue color, peace and quiet

In Instagram We never stop finding inspiration to decorate the nursery. The light blue color is one of the most popular options in children’s rooms. Is he typical color of serenityand can be combined with warmer ones, with wooden accessories, which is done in the Scandinavian style.

One of the ideas that we also liked and that we see more often is the one from mix a color with different shades† That is, a strong blue with this pastel shade or with navy blue. In this room of Passion4living blue comes in accessories and furniture, to stand out against that simple white background, and it looks great.

Pastel pink, the most romantic and dreamy color

In flickr We’ve found ideas for the pastel pink trend, a tone that is associated with the feminine and therefore will never go out of style for girls’ rooms. If you like this tone, you can add it to all kinds of styles, in this case they choose vintage, to combine pink walls with textiles with floral print.

In this Pinterest nursery we have a easy idea if we just want a touch of pink† Add beautiful cloud-patterned textiles to a simple room with shades of white. The result is great and we can always change the textiles if we get bored with these tones quickly.

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