3 teenage rooms with Maisons du Monde

Houses of the world It is not only responsible for dressing the rooms of our youngest children. This house, which has truly beautiful pieces, also has special collections for teenagers. Collections characterized by irreverence, by the contrast of colours, by the fun prints and by the strong personality. Today we show you 3 different environments to inspire you. The teens at home are sure to love it.

A room connected to networks

The first environment stands out for the clarity of the furniture’s lines. White and wooden furniture. We already know that betting on this type of furniture is quite interesting; and it is that the furniture for teenage rooms in white allows us to add color and personalization through other elements such as textiles. So it is furniture that lasts much longer without our children getting tired of it.

The lights in this room are perhaps one of the most interesting parts. At Maisons du Monde there are endless possibilities for light wall decorations. In this case, very typical symbols are chosen in this world of networking, hence the absolute connection to this world.

Among the furniture we like the choice of Coat rack with 1 drawer white JOY† It is ideal for decorating a teenage bedroom; and it is that it offers us an ingenious module to organize clothes in the smallest of spaces. A coat rack on which your child can hang all kinds of accessories to always have it at hand.

It’s beautiful too White and gray storage unit with 2 drawers and 1 door JOY† It has an unstructured look but with a certain vintage feel to it. A piece of furniture that will become one of the most important elements of any room. In addition, it has several storage areas that allow you to store things and expose others.

Although in this atmosphere of Maisons du Monde there are many other things that drive us crazy, we also want the gray checkered metal shelf EMY† It is a modern plank, with a rebellious and carefree touch. A shelf with a very light industrial look that, thanks to its 4 pins and 2 shelves, allows our teenage children to hang notes, photos or even place a decorative figure.

A teenage surfer room

We love the next teen room for that surfer touch it gives off. We cannot deny it. Yes, the colors used in the setting couldn’t be more appropriate, with a greenish blue on the wall of the bed or those prints on pillows and textiles that are so tropical (you’ll find them at Maisons du Monde).

One of the pieces we like the most is the industrial wardrobe with 6 SUNSET white metal doors† It is a modern piece made entirely of metal. It has that high school box office look that will drive the teens home crazy. In addition, it is quite functional. Thanks to the numerous shelves and the spaces with a bar, all your children’s clothes will be perfectly stored.

A touch of color is always nice. In addition to the tropical prints, we need the metal bedside table SUNSET (available in 4 different really nice colors). It has room inside for your teen to keep their most cherished secrets, from a journal to their books.

When it comes to wall decoration, the SUNSET collection has real gems. A perfect example is the pink, blue and white surf wall decoration† An ideal piece full of vibrant colors that will give this teen room a summery, surfer and really fun touch. We can’t miss the arrow-shaped sign either Surf this way† I’m sure it will look great on that boring wall in the nursery that isn’t saying much right now.

Rebel Collection for the most rebellious

To conclude, one of ‘s youth collections Houses of the world that we like the most. The Rebel Collection. The name says it all. It’s ideal for all those teens who love rock. From those who need a space of their own and who are also quite attracted to the most industrial environments; and it is that, as we can see, in this collection there is a lot of dark metal and a lot of accents of this decorative style.

Among the most interesting pieces of furniture we would like the Fir and black metal bookcase with 1 door REBEL† It is a library that follows the trend of the moment. A very practical bookcase with an industrial look thanks to the metal and the use of darkened wood. It has plenty of shelves that can serve as storage for your teens. A place to store your records, your books or any other decorative object.

The REBEL collection also has an industrial black metal and spruce desk, in line with the bookcase, and even a spruce and black metal coat rack with wheels that we find really precious. However, you should pay attention to the decorative accents; a bedding set with a large skull, pillows with this theme and even wall lights with the word Rock. This is without a doubt one of the collections that will most attract teens to the home.

These are just a few suggestions, the truth is that the Maisons du Monde teen collections are quite a few and can combine them all without any problem.

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