5 ideas to create a boho-style nursery


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Who doesn’t love the boho style? His nonchalance, that inspiring look that has everything bohemian, fabrics and original prints. Everything tells us about creativity and a very casual style with a nice touch. Come on, the little ones will love it. And in case you can’t figure out how to get a boho-style nursery, we’ll give you five great ideas so you can do it the first time.

Reuse vintage furniture

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The boho style loves vintage, not only because of the authentic touch that these furniture have, but also because it is something ecological. Remember that a bohemian lifestyle is in harmony with nature. That’s why recycling and reuse of old furniture is the best idea† This is good news, because vintage is also a trend, so don’t hesitate to dust off the desk from when you were little for your little ones. Now it’s cool!

An ethnic touch in the nursery


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Another feature of a bohemian lifestyle is that you travel a lot, because traveling is another way of learning and opening your mind. That’s why the ethnic decor always makes an appearance† The ethnic rugs, the fabrics full of color and with original prints will add a touch of color to the nursery.

Hippie convenience for the nursery


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Worry and stress have no place in the boho world and so these children’s rooms have a certain chaotic touch, with mixed textiles, stacked books or toys arranged around the room. And it is that the children enjoy it, although it is not always perfectly arranged.

Natural materials in the boho nursery


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Just as they love recycling and reusing, the boho style goes with anything made with natural fabrics. The wicker rugs and baskets, crochet or wool details They are perfect ideas to incorporate into the boho nursery. And we don’t have to tell you that they are also a trend, because you have already seen these details in many other children’s spaces, because wicker beds and cribs are the most trendy.

Stimulate creativity with boho style

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What should never be missing in a boho nursery, or in any nursery we could say, is something she makes develop your most artistic and creative side† This creative side makes them more curious and their minds discover new ways of doing things. That’s why we love fun ideas like blackboards on the walls or reading corners.

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