6 dynamic children’s rooms that you will fall in love with

Children’s rooms don’t always have to follow a schedule. The truth is that our children need more activity every day, or rather we are more aware that they are more active during the day and should be in order to let the vitality out at night. Dynamic children’s rooms offer that; spaces where they can sleep next to and play homework. But no, this time not only the most conventional way of playing works. The dynamic rooms are made in such a way that the little one’s imagination flies and flies, creating quite interesting places that have nothing to do with the children’s rooms of their lives. Modern lines, with current materials that are perhaps the best gift for a child. We show you 6 different examples of dynamic rooms so that you can get inspired.

Take advantage of high ceilings

Your child’s nursery may not be extremely large. However, your home may have high ceilings. You have a lot of progress; and it is that, as we see in this example, we can take advantage of those ceilings to expand the playing field.

Different volumes can be created in the upper part of the room, something that manages to give a bit of variety to the environment, making the room very dynamic. In addition, thanks to these volumes, we can perfectly distinguish between the different parts of the room.

Volumes also help to delineate color and materials. It is also exactly this game that gives us a free hand to create a dynamic area. A wall for the little one to climb on, a shed hidden between slats and a ladder to get to. Without a doubt one of those dynamic children’s rooms that inspire.

A room with ropes

This example is also a good example of a dynamic space. We love the use of wood, which is always welcome to give warmth to children’s rooms. In addition, the bed is also remarkable; and it is that in this type of room the beds are no more boring places to become one more piece of this fun filled puzzle.

Thus we find a wooden bed whose roof will be transformed into a raised space so that the little one can play. Safety is paramount, which is why a rope net covers this area. In addition, there is also room to climb on the sides and it is necessary to emphasize the use of artwork on the walls, which give a theme to this beautiful children’s space.

Dynamic and urban space

We like this type of room in which, in addition to betting on dynamic and open spaces, it has the most urban materials. A room in which iron and colors like black have a reserved space.

As in the previous case, we are faced with a bed that leaves the upper part free. Or rather, a bed that uses its ceiling as a base for the little ones to find a space to play. It’s something interesting if we don’t have a lot of square meters, because in this way the rest of the room is completely free.

In addition, the stairs give all that dynamic part that we love so much, where the children have to go up and down. A new element has been added to this bedroom, a small swing, simple, with a thick rope and a base that resembles a wheel.

Curved table tops for a dynamic nursery

We can see that beds are the perfect element to let our imaginations run wild. Look at this example, where the bed is at the top this time, hidden from view, but in turn it becomes the main structure to bring the rest of the room to life.

A bed supported by curved, thin planks that form and define small independent areas.

We like the stairs, which also have their own storage space so the kids themselves are the ones worrying about getting all their stuff in order. In addition, it is also necessary to mark the lower part, reserved for the game. An open space that is easily accessible and is also protected against plugs, a cold floor or the window of the room.

Fun in a dynamic shared room

Dynamic rooms are not exclusive to one. In addition, a dynamic room can be ideal for two. The beds should make their independence very clear in these cases. Bunk beds are an excellent option, although we can try to do it a little differently and not go for conventional bunk beds. In these cases, we can look for bunk beds with panels that hide the interior. Panels that hide other spaces such as closets from view and give us much more square footage in the room to play and create completely dynamic spaces for our children.

A dynamic room for children

To finish, a room that could fulfill everything we added in the others. A room with a bed that says goodbye to the ceiling. A bed that creates an upper corner to play and which also includes this safety net, so that our children have no trouble getting on and off.

In addition, two swings are also included. Always remember that if you want to add swings in the bedroom, you have to pay close attention to the beams you have. You may need to amplify them; and it is that though the children weigh little, all certainty is small.

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