6 ideas for original study places

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Although the course is already advanced, it is never too late to give a new touch to your field of study, and this area should be a comfortable yet creative place. That’s why we give you six different ideas that have inspired us to give the children’s study space a new look. And we start with an idea of Milk Magazinewhere they added a board that is used to have all sorts of things at hand, as well as adding beautiful kids pictures and messages with motivational phrases.

Highlight the desk with an original wall

children's desk-original-walls

our love Instagram inspires us again decorate with the latest trends† And this time all you need is a pot of paint to create a different and special place to study. The idea of ​​painting half the walls is great because it allows us to use darker shades like this without fear of highlighting the furniture, and it’s also a fresher way to paint the walls, especially if you’re which adds mountains to the whole.

An original desk with minimalist shapes


To add an original touch, nothing better than furniture as special as the one presented to us Ferm Living in their Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Furniture with basic and minimalist shapes in different colors combining Simple but effective, because it is children’s furniture with character that needs nothing else to stand out.

Bohemian accessories for an original study space


There are few styles that are more creative and imaginative than the bohemian style, with that freedom that characterizes it. In flickr We found this adorable study area, with crochet details, something that has a very vintage soul, by the way. A blanket that appears to be hand-embroidered and one of those stuffed animal heads adorning the walls add color to this space. And it is that with four accessories we can completely change the style.

An original mini-sized desk

mini-original office

The most practical moms will think this isn’t a good idea, but how cute are they mini furniture for children† If you’re going to prepare his first desk for painting, you can buy custom furniture like this one at Paul and Paula

An original piece of furniture as a desk


loose house-shaped furniture invades everything, from the shelves to the beds, and with the children’s desks it would be no less. This study space is very original thanks to that piece of furniture in the shape of a mommodesignwhich helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

+ ideas about children’s desks: here

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