7 beautiful and different study tables for the nursery

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We all know how many hours of study we have spent in our lives and how important it is to have a place where we concentrate. Well, that’s exactly what we all want for the little ones, with their own charming study corner. A place that is comfortable for them and where they feel very comfortable and have everything they need. It’s not easy, but here you will find the right inspiration with different study tables and children’s environments.

loose colors and fantasy should not be missing in the nicest children’s rooms, nor in his study corner, with that starry wallpaper. And that table that you have to draw, with the storage area and those cool colors. There is no shortage of color and cheerfulness in the furniture and the room, for a children’s environment that stimulates them.

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Another great idea for fans of bright colors and full of energy. You can combine handmade details, such as boxes converted into shelves, with more modern ones, such as chairs. And another thing we love are the chalkboard walls or chalkboard vinyl, which are useful for writing down the most important things

Study corners very Scandinavian style

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attention the scandinavian style lovers, which are not few. They are undoubtedly very beautiful, delicate ideas that never tire. Touches of pastel colors in a black and white world with natural materials. A resting corner with that carpet and your basic children’s furniture for the study. Because with the Scandinavian style, less is more.

A very (but very) special area of ​​study

house-table-studyThrough vtwonen

There are inspirations that we would say yes to from the very first moment, like this one shared desk in the shape of a house† Cozy but informal, ideal for them to concentrate and enjoy what they are doing. And they have a lot of space to do their homework, besides it looks beautiful in the decoration of the room, with a dreamy and childish touch.

Children’s desks and retro-vintage study tables

vintage children's work table

children's study corner

children's work zoneThrough handmadecharlotte

Vintage is a trend, so don’t hesitate to save those study chairs and tables from years ago, to get a special touch in the study area. Desks and chairs that remind us of our childhood, and that they can now have for their own space. Of course, we mustn’t forget to add that modern and current touch with some of the ideas we show you, be it original wallpaper, design planks or colorful textiles.

And after this varied tour of study tables for children, do we have links where to buy?. In our shopping guides you will find the best online stores and brands of children’s or youth furniture, I would also take a look around The gooseIkeaflexa,…and some local markets where they sell used or recycled furniture

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