7 bedrooms for girls


If you are considering the girls bedroom decor, today we bring you 7 spaces that can inspire you. They can all be considered very feminine rooms without resorting to the typical overloaded pink room.

Scandinavian style girl’s room

The first of the bedrooms is this one bedroom in scandinavian style where neutral colors predominate, such as white, black and various wood tones. Wallpaper also gets a lot of fame and only puts it on one of the walls. The string light on the head of the bed and the bunny pillow add warmth to the room.


Romantic Girls Bedroom

It is girls bedroom has a definite romantic vibe with him wallpaper with floral motifsthe combination of pink colors and earth tones and the canopy decorated with a string lights in the same color range.


A vintage room for a girl

If you are passionate about vintage style and you want your daughter’s room to be decorated according to this trend, here’s a great inspiration to create a ideal girls room† The iron bed, patterned paper lamp, retro table and vintage suitcases are the perfect combination to achieve the features of this trend so in vogue today. As a counterpoint, a lamp in the shape of a gigantic rabbit provides a modern and childlike touch.

bedroom-girl-pink-polka dotsThrough

Following the vintage line, but with much simpler touches, we find this girl’s bedroom. Here, the bed and chest of drawers are lacquered in purple and pink respectively, in order to give a more feminine look if possible and thus limit the decoration in the rest of the room. With that, and simply a lamp with personality and the right textiles, you create a charming room.


Girls’ rooms with canopy

If your little girl likes to feel like a princess, a canopy is a safe bet in her bedroom, reminiscent of the castle rooms found in fairy tales. In addition, to complement this decoration, it is a good idea to put a charming birdhouse on the wall that evokes nature and gives the room a rustic touch; and also a screen that gives character.



Girls bedroom with retro brushstrokes

If you’re as much a fan of vintage as you are of contemporary design, this room combines both trends perfectly. This bedroom takes on a great eclectic style thanks to the combination of popular pieces such as the Eames RAR rocking chair, the Acapulco chair or the Juno bed with an antique look, such as the cage that adorns the wardrobe or the painting with a golden frame. The wallpaper, the original ceiling lamp or the laminate floor are other elements that make the room unique.


Girls room Boho-Chic style

Finally, what’s most striking about this bedroom is that while it stands out as a very colorful space, it’s not overcrowded at all. In addition, a tool as simple as a rope hanging from the support of the bunk bed on a wall to hang your drawings is very good. The carpet is also the protagonist of the space by giving ethnic features to the room.

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