A baby room with a green crib

If there’s one color we like to decorate the baby’s room, it’s definitely green. Why the green one? Because it definitely comes from the blue and pink color scheme, which while respectable isn’t the only thing we can use in these rooms. In addition, green is nature, it is hope and it is life. Therefore, we can not think of a more suitable tone to decorate the room where our baby will sleep. This one we bring to you is a great example of what this baby’s room could look like with green furniture and a few more details.

Color and wallpaper combination

We can see that the furniture used is green furniture, but not just any green, a dark green that gives a lot of elegance to this room.

It does not overload as we only have a small chest of drawers and the cot. In addition, the chosen wallpaper accompanies a lot. A black and white paper with the profiles of different animals. A wallpaper that adorns the room, but does not pollute. A perfect balance.

We also like that the floor is fully carpeted, something that not only provides an ideal surface for the little one to explore the world, but also adds warmth to the room.

Details of natural fibers

The details in natural fibers do not go unnoticed. For starters, that kind of crib canopy/headboard. A wooden cross with a beautiful children’s mobile decorated with natural motifs, such as acorns, leaves and squirrels. Undoubtedly the perfect addition to this beautiful crib.

In addition, a small round rug in natural fibers has also been added to the set, as well as the rattan ceiling lamp. This gives character and creates a contrast with the light palette of the wall and floor.

An ideal environment to play

The crib can be moved at any time to create a large and comfortable play area. Because there is carpet, the little ones can discover a whole repertoire of educational toys without fear of catching a cold or getting hurt.

Images via: Helenahomestyle

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