A children’s library with many surprises

It is not the first time that we have been inspired by works exhibited in Casa NaToca. On this occasion, we saved a reading room created for the exhibition in 2019. A very special room that stands out for its more than surprising creativity. A work signed by the architect Hana Lerner, the Fustta Brasil and MOOUI brand that impressed us. With a very clear idea in which they focus on referencing the old libraries, this space has arrived with a mezzanine, secret passages and even a carpentry workshop that gives free rein to the imagination of the little ones in the house. Yes, one of those places where you can definitely get inspired.

environment and concept

It is a space where stories come to life. Very interesting, because the special and cozy corners are ideal for children to read and let their imaginations run wild.

We observe a very relaxed atmosphere that integrates perfectly. A space that makes fun comfortable. The tone chosen for this is wood, with very subtle but present brushstrokes of green on the walls, in the carpentry and even in the foliage that adorns the ceiling.

The children will read in this space, but they will also play, which is why it is filled with a bed, futons and rocking chairs so that it is not only an invitation to read, but also to rest and play. In addition, we can’t put aside how much fun it is for them to go up the asymmetrical stairs to get a book.

encourage to read

The challenge is to encourage children to read, so they made hanging bookcases and holes underneath for reading. There is also a surprise between the planks, a secret passage to a tree house.

We must not forget the bed, where parents can sit next to their children to read a story. They can even accommodate guests when the house is full, so it can be a relief for many families to have such a bed in the children’s playroom.

We love the giant book next to the entrance. A very interesting book telling stories and seeing many animals and drawings for the little one to explore freely.

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