A children’s room made of reed and wood

We found the account in our weekly review on instagram @thebearcubclub† A young mother shows us beautiful images about her home and her lifestyle. In addition, in this account we see many inspiring photos of children’s rooms. Specifically, we stayed with this one, a children’s room based on wickerwork and wood that exudes charm for every square meter. Be inspired by her style and don’t miss a single detail

well-chosen colors

What undoubtedly attracts the attention of the room, in addition to the materials that we will talk about later, is the use of color. We find a bedroom painted with a technique we love, in two colors. Leave the top part white to give more visual width to the room and to ensure that the light coming in radiates through the room.

In the lower part we find a dark beige tone. A light, pastel and velvety brown that creates a very welcoming atmosphere. Please note that this color will highlight the decoration of the nursery; and it is that in the bed the textile goes in that line, with ocher and brown colors. A palette of earthy colors that contrast strongly with white, but contrast even more with the blue of the wardrobe; and it’s that they’ve made sure to create a groundbreaking decorative focus that, the truth, isn’t bad at all.

natural materials

The materials used in this room couldn’t be more natural. Wicker, and natural fibers in general, is present in most furniture. We see a beautiful bed with a wicker structure, a wooden bedside table with mesh or wickerwork in the head lamp. In addition, small decorative objects, on shelves or in the form of mirrors, are also made with these materials.

We love wood, but it also looks great with the chosen color palette.

An XXL rug

The carpet deserves special mention. It seems to be made of some kind of knitting. The truth is that when you look at the pictures it looks like the whole floor is like this, but it isn’t. We are not faced with a carpet. It is an XXL carpet that covers most of the room.

The rug gives a lot of warmth to the whole, by using a light color that matches the environment and continues to bring light into the nursery. In addition, it is a good resource so that children can play on it without coming into contact with the ground.

Vintage areas

We must emphasize that this room has a distinctly vintage feel to it. Many of you will have noticed it already, but perhaps it is the most interesting part of the area.

In addition to using wood or even the color palette, this vintage sky stands out on small decorative pieces. We see it in the pennants, in the shape of the bed or even in the wardrobe, an old piece recovered.

Overall, we are faced with a well-planned room with some of the most beautiful results. What do you think?

+ Information and images: @thebearcubclub

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