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You already know what interests us in the Montessori system. Today we focus on the keys to Montessori education by observing a nursery that perfectly follows the recommendations to create a well-prepared environment.

Montessori Education

One of the keys is to create a space designed so that children are completely independent and have access to all those tools and activities that make them grow. Always, always. No barriers. This perfectly explains the kid arrangement of shelves and units we see in this beautiful Montessori daycare project in Shenzhen.

The local studio VMDPE Design was in charge of the execution of this work. The idea was clear to them, they had to realize a nursery in a residential area of ​​the city. A place with descendants of people from different cultures. A space where there were no barriers, creating everything to scale, from stairs, railings to doors and windows. All interior solutions have been applied to meet the need of children to feel safe and free, without any restrictions.

Feeling free, that’s what they were looking for, that the little ones feel free. For this, the large windows, with full contact with the outside, were necessary. Also the use of wood and natural materials in general; and it is that, besides the fact that Montessori believes that noble materials are best for children, we cannot deny that a place created with them is much more connected to nature, something that also gives wings to freedom.

We observe a place of play and learning where vitality is more than represented, where the liberation of one’s own nature and the cultivation of self-awareness is possible.

A Montessori interior design

Inside the kindergarten, the decorative studio was commissioned to create an art room. And no, it is not the only artistic part, the truth is that there is also a music theater hall, an interactive projection room and even a children’s library. To achieve a fully prepared environment that could follow their stated principles, they opened up the old structure of the building. In this way, different views from the interior were achieved through large sloping walls and glass elements. This eliminates the feeling of being trapped, allowing the little ones to dream through the landscapes.

The research focused a lot on this of the windows. In addition, he studied these elements one by one to allow sunlight to penetrate specific corners of the building so that the little ones could see the different seasons and the light each of them projects.

The open and barrier-free spaces are combined with neutral furniture, in natural wood. In addition, we can also see how the toys and even some of the decoration on the walls also use wood. Color is not important, it is replaceable; and it’s that in spaces like the great library there are enough tones of color through the books already. Also in specific play areas with large educational rugs.

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