A Montessori room with an enchanting garden

Today we bring you this authentic beauty that can be found on the page web NaToca design, a project by journalists Simone Raitziik and Isabela Caban that promotes architecture and decoration projects for children. It is a neutral and simple space that also fits seamlessly with everything you would expect from a Montessori bedroom.

the enchanted garden

This beautiful room full of preserved flowers on the ceiling is a real enchanted garden. A place that takes children to a fantasy world where plants climb up the walls. These flowers, according to the project, will gradually dry up and the little ones will be able to experience nature’s cycle first hand.

Montessori bed and materials

We focus primarily on the use of materials in this environment. Wood is always welcome in a Montessori space: it is natural and organic and gives that warmth that we love. In addition, we also highlight the bed, another classic among the classics within Montessori environments. A bed on the ground floor that children can easily use without the help of adults; and we already know that Montessori environments primarily prioritize children’s autonomy.

A space with many details

If we look at the wall of windows, we find other classics. For example, we have the mirror with a beam, which is so useful for children who are starting to walk. A mirror that allows the child to experience and identify their movements as they discover themselves in the mirror.

We also mark the closet with holes to store toys and hang clothes. A multifunctional piece of furniture that allows the child to play freely by removing and storing toys and by dressing or choosing clothes themselves.

There is another interesting part of this wall, which is the children’s library. In Montessori rooms it is important that children can reach everything, so the shelves are placed at a height where they can reach. Also next to it we find the table and chairs so that they can read or draw comfortably. You can also see the round rug as free play on the floor is more than accepted, but for this it is always important to create a warm and comfortable space.

Wooden kitchen

Kitchenettes are one of the most legendary toys in Montessori rooms. On this occasion we are left with this model which is made with the same wood as the wall panel. A very pretty corner framed by the flowers on the ceiling that has everything the little ones need to enjoy this imitation role-playing game; of a fridge, an oven and lots of kitchen pots and plants to be able to have your own garden.

Images via: casanatoca

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