A Montessori room with Ros Furniture

Monstessori rooms continue to seem like a very interesting option when it comes to configuring a nursery. Today we are going to look at the different options presented to us in Ross Furniture, a children’s furniture company that we already told you about on another occasion. Quality furniture, with a timeless line and especially designed for our little ones, so that they can enjoy it themselves.

Montessori beds.

One of the most important parts of a Montessori bedroom. We don’t doubt it. The bed is essential. In this regard, Muebles Ros offers us a wide range of options. However, if we have to keep one, we’ll pull out the Montessori bed. You can choose it with or without a mirror, although, as we will see later, the mirror is very important for its identification.

On the other hand, we also have the Montessori house bed, a beautiful cot for modern and contemporary rooms. In both cases, we find models that give our little ones that freedom to get in and out of bed. We must not forget that Montessori defends precisely this, the self-government of children.

A Montessori playground

In the play area of ​​the room in Ros Furniture we find a wide range of options. Let’s not forget that in a bedroom we are not going to rest alone. Children also need to play, move and experiment. For this reason, having a toy cabinet with drawers is great as they can always put the toys in and out.

Another option is to place a nice cloud-shaped shelf, in the color we like the most, so that our children can easily access all their favorite books.

What would children’s rooms be without shelters? Kids love Indian teepees, and the truth is, they are aesthetically pleasing.

A playroom with everything you need

If we also have more space, we can furnish a playroom with all the accessories we can think of.

For example, we can include a blackboard in the shape of a house. The perfect place for little artists to let their imaginations run wild without staining our beautiful walls.

There is also the option of the table with integrated paper. Yes, a table with stool and paper on the wall so they can freely draw and tear out their artwork to give away or hang on the wall.

The bar mirror

We mentioned earlier how interesting it was to put a mirror in the nursery. The Montessori bar mirror from Ros furniture is ideal for these spaces for many reasons. Firstly, because we can hang it at the desired height, so that it is more accessible for the little ones in their different growth stages. Moreover, we are confronted with an essential object for the discovery of the image itself. Don’t worry, this mirror is unbreakable. It was conceived and designed for children, and this is a subject that they could not leave aside.

The benefits of these mirrors are many, as we mentioned. By seeing himself reflected, the child will be motivated at an early stage to move and discover both himself and his environment. At an even younger age, it motivates the little ones to lift their heads.

When they are a little older, the bar is ideal for them to take their first steps. In addition, it also gives them a global vision of the space in which they are located.

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