A playroom in the basement

Today we are going to Alberta. Specific to the house of Merissa, a designer who showcases environments as beautiful as this one. It is his own house, specifically the basement. A space that she did not hesitate to furnish with her husband to make it the best play space we can imagine. A place full of charm, colorful places and spaces to have fun.

The perfect space to play

Merissa tells that when they arrived at this house, they fell in love with the cellar. It’s usually dark places, but this one had tons of windows and natural light. Therefore, the infatuation was instantaneous, as well as the decision to place the play area of ​​his two children here.

room preparation

A basement, no matter how much light it has, is a place away from the rest of the house in which you should invest time. In addition to properly insulating this area, they were responsible for painting the walls white. A white that did nothing but reflect the light from outside. We can’t think of a better option for those walls, which are also accompanied by white trim and recessed LED lighting making this corner evenly lit both day and night.

Build a play area

Merissa’s husband was in charge of building the structure we can appreciate. It’s a real tree house. Basically a structure that uses the upper part of the room and includes stairs, a climbing wall and a large slide so that children can play and exercise at the same time.

The detail of the ice cream parlor

One of the most beautiful parts of this children’s playroom is the ice cream parlor. It was something Merissa’s daughter was clear about. They needed a toy ice cream parlor that would also play a key role in the room as a whole. She was responsible for designing all the finishes of this place, with rainbow colors for the underside of the platform. In addition, he was inspired by wooden toys from Coco Village, family favorites for pretend play.

Beautiful wooden toys such as the espresso machine, toaster, breakfast bowls and even an ice cream cone holder stand out in the space below.

It should be noted that in addition, they left room for a mythical IKEA kitchen that is also part of the simulated play of these two brothers. Wall hung food baskets and even a small wooden shopping cart were added.

Undoubtedly a charming room that can greatly inspire those of us who think light environments and wooden toys are the best option.

Images via: emelbedesign

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