A playroom inspired by the Montessori method

The Montessori method can be extended to any part of our home. However, it seems appropriate that, as a method that strives for the autonomy of the little ones and a much more self-sufficient development, we apply this method with much more care in children’s spaces. In a playroom it would be ideal and it is exactly what we bring you today.

The Montessori pillars in this room

If we look closely at this playroom, we see that the basic tenets of the Montessori method are fulfilled without exception: we have a simple space, without too much decoration to distract our child. On the other hand, it is an accessible room that will allow our son to become an autonomous being. We must not forget order, which is also something essential in Montessori rooms, not so much that everything is organized, but that the child can carry out these orderly tasks himself. Finally a place where the little one can trade freely.

Otherwise, we like the colors chosen. In addition to white, which always gives much more space and visually purifies spaces, ocher and yellow tones are used, both ideal for a play area.

A safe place for your child

What other things can we highlight about this playroom? That safety comes from a bright room and a carpet on the floor. The rug serves to keep children comfortable and warm in winter, but can also absorb falls. At this point, always choose rugs that adhere well to the floor and will not slip when we walk on them.

The must: an Indian tipi

Yes, Indian teepees are (and still will be) an absolute must in children’s rooms and playrooms. That the little ones like to hide. They can also set up their own shelters to store all their toys or have meetings with their friends.

Do not forget about the comfort of the interior of the tipi. It’s not enough to put it and that’s it. Introduce cushions of different sizes, even with different shapes, so that the children can sit comfortably. It might be the perfect place to play, as well as read or even sleep.

functional storage

While we believe that our children need a lot of toys, the truth is that this is not the case. In addition, professionals recommend spending more time with them at a young age and not among so many toys. We can keep a few and change them so that the child is surprised every time. In the playroom, it is enough to place one or several medium-sized boxes so that they can store those seasonal toys in them.

Images via: decoandkids

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