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The romantic style makes us crazy. I am especially in love with each of the romantic settings I see in magazines, why not extend it to the nursery as well? Yes, there are little details that we can add to create a romantic, cozy and in short, 100% cute nursery.

flowers on the walls

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The best way to incorporate the floral touch that is so characteristic of romantic environments is through wallpaper. The great thing is that there are many models. You can choose smaller flowers or paper with large colored flowers. Now remember that wallpaper that is too crowded can make the rooms smaller. If you’re going to put one up, it might be better to reserve it on a wall. In the play area, for example, or where the head of the bed rests.

Wicker for a romantic nursery

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While wood also works well, there’s no denying that wicker has a beautifully delicate finish. Wicker beds (including cribs) can be a key piece in a romantic nursery. Do not hesitate to decorate them with colorful textiles. If you find bedspreads or sheets, maybe pillows, with floral prints, jump on them. They will be the perfect complement to these beds.

Forge, a classic in the romantic style

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Forging is also a classic in this type of style. Yes, it is also possible to include it in the nursery. You have probably seen small beds with a metal structure more than once. With rounded and simple lines, they are a perfect addition to a room with these characteristics. To show a button. Check out how good this wrought iron bed looks with the floral print on the wall. They make you want to crawl in, right?

Add handmade toys

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Wooden toys or even rag dolls. All the toys that you would have used as a child, or your parents and grandparents, are valid for a romantic nursery. A return to the past focused on pieces that become part of the decoration. A small kitchen or an old wooden horse would be perfect examples.

stripped furniture

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Stained furniture is suitable for different styles, such as shabby chic or even rustic. But in addition, they can also be a key piece in romantic decoration. If you have an old chest of drawers or a closet at home. Don’t think about it. You can paint and strip it yourself. A tip, pastel colors are a must in the romantic style, don’t do without.

Garlands, canopies and various decoration

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Finally, try to give a different touch with DIY elements. For example, you can make garlands in pastel colors, with different scraps. It would also be an excellent option to bet on awnings. Is there a more romantic bed than a bed with a canopy? Do not forget about the power of mirrors, in this case mirrors with ornate decorative frames, painted in pastel colors, can be your best friend.

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