Artificial grass for children’s games

You see more and more homes in which artificial grass is used to cover outdoor areas. Even if there is a deck or small patio, instead of leaving the tile floor exposed, a good lawn is used to cover everything. Something that is accentuated even more in homes where there are children or babies. Why? Because it is something that protects them and guarantees them a safe and comfortable place to play. Although you have to make the right purchase for that

No, not all types of artificial grass are the same and not entirely suitable for children. You have to consider how children behave and what they can do to quickly see what it takes for a surface that supports and provides safety. But is there anything else to appreciate? We are going to analyze this problem and by the way, we are also going to see What advantages does artificial grass offer compared to natural grass? or other surfaces in homes where there are small children.

A safe lawn for your children

give with a good lawn for the little ones in the house It’s not too complicated if you know where to go. specialty stores like they make it a simple task. And it is not for less, the catalog is extensive, the products have a guaranteed durability up to 20 years and they have a quality that is endorsed by the most genuine voice there is: that of their customers.

With shops like this in between, the task of finding a good lawn for your home is simplified† However, we must not forget certain factors. We are talking about a floor on which the little ones will play, run around or just rest. Therefore, you must meet a series of very specific conditions. Most importantly and most importantly, of course, it is able to resistant to stains, bumps and all kinds of wear and tear.

And what else? Let’s take a look at some additional recommendations below:

What should a good artificial grass be like for children?

when we are little, We don’t care what we play, for what we break or even for what we put in our mouths. This cocktail of casualness can be quite critical when combined with a poor lawn. Luckily you can find more than one these days artificial grass specially designed for the little ones in the house. One that can give them comfort, security and peace of mind. And all this, combined with good durability.

In addition, it must consist of: antibacterial materials† Moving from here to there, spilling liquids or even breaking something causes dirt to build up on the lawn and this makes two things to consider: the first, make it easy to clean† the second, that it is prepared to avoid the permanence of bacteria. The good thing about all this is that there are some types of lawns for kids that are prepared to reduce the presence of bacteria. In addition, there are those that are completely hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation.

On the other hand, the texture is important† There is nothing that a child, and also an adult, rejects more than something that sticks or stings. This often happens with poor quality artificial grass. So make sure you buy a soft one that feels nice and that you can walk barefoot without any problems. It is also important to consider its ability to avoid extreme temperatures† Because there’s nothing worse than stepping on artificial grass that’s been out in the sun all day and burning the soles of your feet.

There are some that have special treatments for that. They combine the use of quartz sand and other anti-UV treatments that together manage to maintain a certain freshness even on the hottest and most exposed days. Nevertheless, it is advisable to water occasionally to further regulate the thermal level. Every precaution is small, especially when we talk about something that kids will use.

What are the advantages of good artificial grass in a house with children?

every time we see more artificial grass on patios, terraces and outdoors in general† The truth is that they are all a comfort in terms of maintenance and cost. And it’s that with that you don’t have to worry about watering to prevent it from drying out, nor about pruning so it doesn’t grow too much. It will always be in the same condition, or at least for 20 years, as guaranteed by the one offered in TodoCESPED.

When we think of a house with children, in those areas around the pool that is set up in the summer, or in the patio where they usually play, it is also easy to see its advantages. For starters, it is common for children’s grass to have a high drainage capacity, something designed primarily to avoid staining in case of spills or accidents. no slips when you run around the pool, nor pee that they have lost everything.

In addition, it is worth noting that these lawns They easily withstand any climate. You can’t really worry if it rains a lot or if it’s sweltering hot, because then it holds up perfectly. That’s what it was designed and built for. Nothing about constant maintenance, nor about reviewing possible damage. It is built to last and withstand wind, rain, snow, hail, sun or other rough weather.

To make matters worse, another point in favor of all of this is money. Not only does it provide more comfort and safety at home, it is also cheaper. You don’t need any garden tools to maintain it properly, you don’t need to set watering hours, you don’t even need to use fertilizer. None of that, you just need to water occasionally so that it warms up in case of high heat or sweep it if a lot of dirt has built up. It is that simple, easy and cheap.

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