Bainba Montessori Beds

It is not new that Bainba is one of our favorite children’s furniture brands. We really like the aesthetics of their furniture and the detail they provide in each of their pieces. We have many options, but they also have an important repertoire of pieces for Montessori rooms, yes, also Montessori beds.

The perfect Montessori room in Bainba

Many of you are probably already familiar with the Montessori School, but for those who are not, it is a methodology that allows children to develop their potential autonomously in a structured environment. It not only adheres to aspects such as education or playing with certain material, but it also prepares the environment of the child so that it can develop by becoming autonomous. At Bainba, they bet on Montessori so that we can find entire rooms with perfect furniture.

This furniture must always be at the height of the child and be functional. Open, pleasant and very bright spaces. Places that encourage free play and freedom of movement. Closets and tables that are easily accessible, but also beds; and it’s that Bainba’s Montessori beds are some of the most striking pieces of these environments.

Bainba Montessori Beds

The most important thing for a bed to be considered Montessori is that the little one can access it freely without the help of the elders. Beds that allow our children to set their own routines and be a little more independent.

We can see examples of these beds in rooms like the Montessori Nao† A low bed but with a robust structure. A white that allows us to combine this piece of furniture with all kinds of paint on the wall. In addition, this bed model can be accompanied by the toy desk, a perfect place to work and play at the height of our little ones.

Among the various Montessori beds, those with a cabin structure stand out. Montessori house beds are perhaps the most appreciated by parents as they are not only functional and fulfill what is expected of them, but also very decorative. At Bainba you will find the Montessori Bed Casitaa great option that also has several matching furniture that can complete the bedroom, such as the picolo bedside table or the Montessori children’s wardrobe.

While it’s true that home-style beds are a must on Instagram, there are other options that we really like, such as teepee beds. At Bainba they also have these models, especially their Cama Montessori Tipic that can be accompanied by any of the furniture we have mentioned or the children’s bookcase.

Double Montessori Rooms

If we have more than one child and they share a room, we should know that Bainba Montessori beds are ideal for these environments. They are low beds, so the space won’t seem as saturated as with any other type of furniture.

We really like the option they offer with the cloud model, because we can place them in the same color, or mix them: in wood and in white. A beautiful low bed that has a beautiful decoration in the shape of a cloud. In addition, each of the two options can be complemented with furniture from this store’s Montessori line; and it’s that they all have such a clean line that they could easily match any of the beds we mentioned.

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