Bainba Montessori shelves and mirrors

bainba It is one of our favorite brands when it comes to children’s furniture. If we are looking for beds or desks, it can be an interesting company that gives us design and quality. In addition, it also has a special line of Montessori furniture. Today we look at the shelves and mirrors.

Hanging wall table with light

This model seems to us a real precious. At Bainba we find other shelves that can be placed at the right height so that the little one can use them, but this one in particular is very different. It is a shelf that goes up to the wall, but which is also surrounded by LED lighting and which will give a completely original touch to the children’s room.

The shelf has a switch that can be left within reach of children so they can turn it on and off themselves, providing a backup light for the nights.

Montessori shelf and bookshelf

Montessori shelves and shelves are ideal for creating small reading corners, whether by the bedside or in a reading room. On the one hand, Bainba offers us its Montessori wall shelf. A simple shelf that can be placed at a height they can easily reach. An original and accessible piece of furniture with which children can place their favorite books themselves.

On the other hand, we have the Montessori bookshelf. It is a more robust and larger piece of furniture, which can form a real bookcase for children. This bookcase reaches the height of children. Like the rest of Bainba’s furniture, it is made of MDF wood, a versatile material due to its wood fiber-based nature and an environmentally friendly product.

children’s bookcase

This shelf is available in natural wood or white lacquer. It is a house-shaped bookcase, which could be the ideal complement to those Montessori house beds also available from Bainba.

With a clear Scandinavian style, they can place all the books and toys with ease. An original piece of furniture that is also aware of the little ones so that they can learn the importance of order themselves. It has numerous compartments and details on the top of the roof.

Montessori mirror

At Bainba we also find a very special mirror model, the Montessori mirror. In a children’s room you should not miss this classic that is already a must; and it is that mirrors allow children to experiment and develop.

The mirror has a bracket so that the little ones have a point of support when they start walking. In addition, the mirror has different positions that will adapt to the height of children as they grow year after year.

The mirror is made of methacrylate glass adapted for children and with a frame of MDF like the rest of the furniture of this company. In addition, we can optionally put the engraved name of our children on the wood.

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