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Bainba is one of those companies that offers us a total solution for furnishing children’s and youth rooms. What many parents need to start the school year is to create a study zone; and it is that children not only sleep in their room, besides resting and playing, they also spend a lot of time studying. It is therefore necessary to create a large space in which they can perform school tasks. Today we’ll show you some of the options from: children’s and youth counters that Baimba brings us, which is very interesting both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

neutral furniture

One of the things we like most about this company is that the furniture is neutral. The trend in white lacquer with a satin gloss does not only seem very aesthetic to us. It is that, in addition, we are talking about a timeless color that will not go out of style. In other words, by choosing a white lacquered desk we extend the life of this piece of furniture, because it fits in a children’s room, but also in a teenager’s room. Saving is always a plus.

This neutrality in both colors and shapes, their models are models of simple and straight lines, also allow us to include their desks in any type of room, regardless of the decoration we have. White allows all the colors we want around it.

white for the studio

Another thing we may not have fallen for is that by choosing an empty desk, the guy or girl won’t be distracted as easily. A space where you can fully concentrate to learn every day.

Models with large surfaces

Bainba desk models have the dimensions that our children and young people need to study. Large surfaces where you can place your books and even computers; and we know that as children grow, the study material increases.

If we are looking for an additional space that unites functionality and comfort, the different models can undoubtedly interest you.

Adapted to every room

In the Bainba catalog we find all types of desks. Thus, we will see independent desks that can be placed in a corner of the room, but also models that integrate with the rest of the furniture, creating a more compact area. This last option is very interesting in smaller rooms. In those in which we have to take care of every centimeter to the maximum.

Likewise, it should be noted that although we can see standard dimensions in the Bainba catalog, this company is a specialist in the manufacture of custom furniture. Why do we like this? Because not all rooms are the same. There are times when we find ourselves with pillars, radiators, corners and hard-to-reach spaces that don’t match the corner desks that they also have. a) Yes, bainba is able to overcome all these obstacles by making furniture adapted to any space.

3D rooms

Remember that at Bainba it is possible to see your future rooms in a 3D project. You just need to get in touch with the company’s interior designers, who will help you get a bedroom completely tailored to your tastes and needs, right from home.

The process is simple, you send the information they request (with measurements and some general ideas to see what kind of taste you have), they analyze the information you receive, make a plan for the layout of the space, design the bedroom or living room in 3D study and they will send you a detailed budget. In addition, this service includes a maximum of 2 changes.

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