Basic features to choose an ergonomic chair

When our children start academic life, there is a phase that can be quite long, in which they have to study for many hours while sitting. Doing homework, checking topics, preparing papers. They will have to do all of this at their desks, and while it’s true that a place to study is important, it’s even more important that the chair we choose is the right one. Let’s think about the different stages of school that, if our child so wishes, can reach adulthood. Good postural hygiene when sitting prevents them from developing back problems in the future, and it’s important too choose an ergonomic chair† Today we will discuss the basic features to help you choose the best seat for your child.

A seat height and depth adjustable

Our son will grow with age. Having a sufficient height when standing in front of a desk is essential for that postural hygiene we were talking about. So if we don’t want to switch seats every now and then, it would be interesting to bet on a height-adjustable seat.

In addition, there are models that are also adjustable in depth, leaving a free space between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee.

An adjustable backrest

The ergonomic seats also have an adjustable backrest. This means that the backs of these chairs must be able to be adjusted to different angles of inclination, as well as swing freely during breaks or study breaks.

At this point, a system known as a synchro system comes in handy. The synchro system or mechanism allows the backrest to tilt backwards fully synchronously with the movement of the seat, so that the body as a whole moves synchronously.

Seats adaptable to body shapes

When we talk about an ergonomic chair, we are talking about a chair that can adapt to the contours of the body to keep the spine fully aligned and protect the lower back. To do this, the back should have a lumbar prominence that will allow stable support and keep the back in a natural position. In addition, the front of the chair should have a slight slope to avoid pressure on the legs and also promote blood circulation.

breathable materials

Another key to an ergonomic chair is in the materials. We always choose materials that promote perspiration, because the lack of that perspiration can be very uncomfortable. There are many mesh-like materials on the market that will help us in this regard.

a chair with wheels

When looking for a good chair for our children, we should look for an ergonomic chair with a five-point base. It’s not essential, but the truth is that they have been shown to provide much more stability. Hard casters also stand much more stable on a carpeted floor. In contrast, soft castors are ideal for hard floors without carpet.

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