Cane furniture for children

Everything returns. We are already used to pieces of the past coming back to us. We see trends that return not only in fashion or personal aesthetics, but also in decoration. Everything is cyclical, and the truth is that we have been seeing the vintage style fully permeate our lives for a long time. Also the passion for natural materials, such as wood, rattan or wicker. Well, today we focus on rattan or wicker furniture for kids. Very original pieces that tell us about natural environments with a certain vintage touch.

Rattan or wicker furniture

Rattan or wicker furniture certainly sounds familiar to us. It is possible that many of our mothers or grandmothers had this furniture in their homes. Now they are back, yes, with slightly more current designs. Major companies have turned to this material to make all kinds of furniture and accessories for children’s rooms.

a change of scenery

The pieces that used to be associated with a more summery decoration and that were even considered obsolete a few years ago, have made a strong comeback. We love natural fibers and it looks like they will be with us for a while yet. Today, we can combine these types of pieces with just about any decorative style we see. For example, a rattan or wicker headboard can be the perfect addition to a Scandinavian nursery.

renew the old

In addition to finding new pieces in an important company, such as: Houses of the world, old furniture can also be saved. It is possible to give new life to those old wicker chairs or those baskets that adorned the stairs of the town’s houses, this time full of toys, of course.

Do you like this kind of decoration? Do you think you could use furniture (large or small) made of natural fibers in the decoration of the children’s room? We’re clear, yes.

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