Castle and Cubby Playhouses for Kids

As children we dreamed of a tree house or just a wooden house to play in. Play house, tents or rest in it away from adults. The truth is, our children still have those needs. Whether we have a large garden, a small terrace or even a playroom, beautiful models of wooden houses for children can be made. The example can be found in Castle and Cubband its very interesting catalog of products.

Castle and Cubby and their children’s homes

Castle and Cubby is a company dedicated to building all kinds of toy houses for children. All their houses are made with recycled materials and in a very traditional way. In addition, they focus on ensuring that each customer makes the relevant changes to their models at the request of the consumer. The problem? Not everyone lives in Melbourne or Byron Bay, where their workshops are located. Yes, Australia takes us far. However, your catalog of houses can be great to inspire us. We can see different sizes, models, shapes and finishes. Without a doubt a gallery treasure for the most handyman Who wants to build a wooden house for their children?

The functionality of recycled apple boxes

The houses of this Australian company are all made from recycled apple boxes. The wood has all its dents, dents and imperfections. Also the stamps of the orchards and shops. We think it’s cute. Maybe we can find this type of box ourselves or use other types of wood like that of the pallets. This wood is ideal for building a tree house or for land, giving it a cute rustic touch. In addition, the wood can be left bare without any problem, although we can of course also personalize each house with a lick of paint and accessories.

Houses that serve everything

It is necessary to mention the capabilities of this type of wooden houses. As we can see from the Castle and Cubby image gallery, there are options for everything. A wide range of houses designed to adapt to all spaces, yes, but also to all possible themes.

Your log cabin could be a fire station, post office, police station, or simply a place to relax and read. We choose, or rather, our children.

The cost is to make the structure. Later, one can personalize them as desired, both with accessories that lead us to a greengrocer, such as colors on the walls and ceilings.

An example of a shed

We fell in love with this particular model. A lovely barn that looks like something out of a story. A cube house that is reminiscent of country life.

In this design, they add all the features of the rustic style, such as the barn door or the roof.

tree houses

In this company they are also responsible for making tree houses. The truth is that any of these models can be adapted to trees. Now keep in mind that safety comes first, so if our intention is to build a tree house, it may be more interesting to have models made exclusively for it.

Be that as it may, we love the houses on this page, which also has many models of other objects, such as wooden kitchens. A perfect addition to any wooden house in which our children will play for hours and hours.

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