Cheap inspiration for the playroom


The January slope seems to be going away, we know that, but it’s never a bad time to bring out our most creative side while cutting the budget when it comes to furnishing or altering a space. And this time it occurs to us that we can look for a few cheap playroom inspirations† Prepare a space for them to develop all that intellect, that imagination and that desire to learn and dream, a space to play and grow, enjoy, as they show us in this Pinterest room with a large blackboard .

Pillows, rugs and mats for the playroom

play cushions

Many little ones love to read, so there’s nothing better than make them a reading corner, or even rest after the hustle and bustle of an afternoon of playing at home. So we can improvise a corner of this style with some mats, pillows and blankets. It’s all very casual and bohemian, and at the same time it seems like a very charming idea, like the one in this vintage reading nook from belivindesign

play mats

In Instagram we see a room that combines in a great way thanks to the chosen textiles, with pastel shades and varied geometric patterns. Mattresses, poufs and pillows are mixed to create a dynamic playroom, which can change day by day and in which they can enjoy every inch.

DIY ideas in the playground

play bench diy

Among the cheap ideas there will be no shortage of DIY projects to do at home† This one is of course very easy. It involves making a reading or play bench with just a table and stacked magazines. an idea of Paulina ArcklinoInformal but very charming.

playhouse cardboard

Do you have a cardboard box at home? This is one of the easiest things to find, and kids and pets alike will love making it something only they can imagine. But with DIY ideas, you can go further and literally turn that box into something else. this from the voice of the wall Specifically, it is now a house full of charm and decorated with bunnies. What can you think of with a simple cardboard box?

Store stylish toys in the playroom


In order not to succumb to clutter in this part of the house that always seems to belong to chaos, you can include inexpensive storage ideas that are also easy to use. Such as this wooden box with wheels from Room to grow† Decorated with simple white triangles, it fits perfectly with the Scandinavian style.


In mommodesign we see one of the ideas that we liked since we saw it in a scandinavian environment. The paper storage bags are ideal, economical and also very light so that the little ones can take them from one place to another to collect their things. If we only see benefits.

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