Children’s desks: 24 ideas and inspiring photos

children's desk in vintage style

With all the hustle and bustle of going back to school, you still haven’t thought about the long days of study and homework ahead of the little ones. So it’s time to set up the study space and choose one of those charming kids desks that will serve as a workplace for the next course. Do you like vintage accents like this desk from Nursery Stylist† Or do you prefer Scandinavian influences? We bring you lots of inspiration, styles, ideas and photos to create an ideal study space.

How to choose the study table?

vintage-wooden-study table

Choosing the perfect study table it can be difficult. Which style is best suited for the nursery? How big should the table be? Does it have to have compartments? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves, and the best thing is that we think about the space we have, the style and most importantly the needs of the little ones at all times. We may not need to complicate our lives, just choose a nice desk that is comfortable for them, and from there a good study space will be created. In roomor They make it easy for us with a wooden table with basic lines in a beautiful lilac color.

A study table adapted to your needs

wooden work table

Basically they won’t spend hours studying or have big computers, so you don’t have to buy the biggest table or one with the most features out there. A small table, ideal for its size, with a nice style and that we can easily move and clean is more than enough. In this nursery Solebic we see a desk with a matching chair with a certain vintage touch, with a wood that stands out against the light blue background. So easy and practical.

Folding study tables with trestles

folding work table

If we want to get practical, it might be best to use the folding children’s tables for your study corner† With some easels and a table, we already have a table that we can adjust in size whenever we want and disassemble it with amazing ease. This way we can expand it when your space needs grow. this nursery April House shows us a space full of color and very DIY, with a trestle table and recycled wooden boxes as shelves. An inspiration for those who want cheap but charming desks.

Multifunctional children’s desk

multifunctional children's desk


We love Rafa-Kids ideas! In Style files we see his latest desk, a very stylish piece of wood and beautiful Scandinavian lines with a matching stool. But it’s also a multifunctional desk, which you can open and use to store things and with a panel to hang inspiration. It is very interesting that with such a simple design something so interesting can be achieved.

Create a study area

cool study space

If we opt for a children’s desk, it should be integrated into a study area within the children’s room. It is not always easy to distinguish zones, and this becomes essential with age. That’s why we give you some ideas about easily create a children’s study space like the one suggested in The Boo and the Boy, with its shelves and its wall to put on drawings and ideas. A space like this would be ideal for corner or custom desks, so we could make the most of all the space. Pieces like this can be found in large surfaces such as: The English Court O Leroy Merlinbut there are many more ideas to consider.

Good lighting in the study area

lighting-in-study area

If there is a window with good light, we should always put the desk nearby, but the truth is, we should also get children’s lamps to light their table. The simplest bends can be found at Carrefour very cheap, in colors and with designs, so no need to get complicated. A piece with color or a modern design like this one from Idealistic is a good option in this case.

Space for books in the study room


In The Boo and the Boy They also show us with examples that pleasure in reading should be very present in free learning. Not everything will be tedious work, learning is something else. So why not post one? space with shelves to store your favorite children’s books† They have them on hand to distract themselves and read whenever they want, making it not only a study space, but a reading space as well.

Storage space on the walls


For the children’s desk, we usually have the wall, and that’s where we can put it nice cool shelves for books, toys or small details that will accompany them every day. In stores like Ikea They have very easy solutions for a good price, with shelves that can later be used for a youth room. In this inspiration Instagram We see how to decorate the shelves in the most chic and current way.

Ideas to decorate the study space


We are not only going to create spaces for practical matters, because that is too boring. So even if it’s a study area, it shouldn’t miss its charm. We can decorate this space with some details like the garlands they teach us in mommodesign, and with that trendy stuffed head. A few trendy ideas that already make the walls a little more creative. Y it can be cheap ideas or even DIY made by ourselvesbecause we already know that right around school there is no bag for joy.

Study room for children with colorful

decorate the children's desk

We almost always see color in children’s study rooms, even if they are small tables or small spaces. We mustn’t give up that happy touch, so we can get a nice children’s wallpaper like the one we see in Vtwonen, or with the vintage children’s prints so fashionable. A few details that make this area more personal and welcoming.

Decorate the walls in the study room

decorating walls-in-the-study-room

The desk is usually free of details as they already fill it with books and tasks, so what we can decorate are the walls. And there are many ideas. In Vtwonen They show us a fun metal accessory that they can use to hang everything from their drawings to notes and toys. They always have everything at hand.

study area-walls-wallpaper-wallpaper

In two family show us the children’s study room, with a brilliant idea in which: they added a mural that they can paint themselves† We also love the idea of ​​wall bins to keep all your pencils and stuff in order. These custom ideas are great because they meet the needs of every child.

original-walls-study room

Are you looking for an easy but fun idea? Nothing cheaper than buying a roll of washi tape and make a decoration like this one on Pinterest, or a personalized DIY garland. Simple ideas that we can do with the little ones. You can find washi tape in places like Amazon and big stores because it’s a trend that we can tinker with a lot.

Shared children’s desks


If we have a shared children’s room it gets complicated as we need a children’s desk with more capacity or add another desk to the area. The possibilities are multiplied, and it is that we can put two equal tables as they present us in small and smallor two different ones, so that each has a unique space, sofas or chairs and many more storage ideas.

Two tables or one?


The children’s desks that are available today offer us many possibilities. And there are tables with a built-in bench, with space for two, something very practical because it consists of one piece. But if you want everyone to have their space, you can have two tables and two chairs or a large custom table with two different chairs. This desk of small roof It’s a great idea, with two seats that even have letters on the back, so each seat has its own personal space.

Create two different areas for siblings

vintage-shared-children's desks

Little ones love having their own space, even if they have to share it, so you can make sure everyone has their stuff. A simple idea is: choose different chairs and decorations for each side from the table. This way everyone can furnish their space according to their own wishes. At Sycamore Street Press, we got this idea and we really liked it. What do you think?

Vintage Style Kids Desks

vintage-wooden-children's desk


As for the decorative styles that we can choose, there are many of them. So your kid’s desk can be one of those fun vintage pieces in salvaged and renovated wood. Vintage desks are very popular because they have a cute and warm touch that is unparalleled. In kinfolk they show us a nice script with a matching chair with the legs painted in red, because sometimes we can give it a modern touch with a little paint.


In mommodesign They opted for a desk with faded paint and a mint green chair with metal legs. A piece of furniture with a vintage look that needs no additions to be very decorative.

Designer children’s desks

designer children's desk

If you like modernity and design, here you have a wooden desk attached to the walls, Van Wengerden† A piece with minimalist lines, but that is much more cozy with the wood in light tones. It’s a nice idea, but as they grow we will have to change it in height to make it comfortable for them.

design-children's desk-in-wood

The ideas of Rafa-Kis should not be missing Style fileswith them beautiful Scandinavian designs with soft and modern lines† They seem to be made in one continuous piece, in the color of the wood, without further additions, because their creative shapes are enough to decorate.

children's desk-with-design chair

Although in this case we see a very simple children’s desk with straight lines, which What caught our attention is that amazing green design chair that appears in small and small† With round shapes, it looks like something out of an illustration. It helps us to study the original key in this area.

Scandinavian-style children’s desks

scandinavian study area

In Instagram we find many ideas in Scandinavian style, such as these Scandinavian desks. White spaces with details from the Scandinavian world, such as that box with geometric shapes, black and white details or simple lines. A great idea that is trending right now.

study area in scandinavian style

We found this study space on Pinterest, which combines a vintage-style desk with a Scandinavian vibe. Remember that mixes are the order of the day and are great because you can do very creative things.

And finally, a video where you can see all the areas of study we showed you in this post:

What do you think of all these ideas for choosing children’s desks? Children will be delighted with their new study space, full of small and special details.


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