Children’s room for a girl

nursery pastel shades

This nursery is worthy of little princess Lola. Pink tones and little touches of glitter for a very romantic, delicate and dreamy atmosphere all of which we can create when we visit Cuckoo, the online store her mother created with brands and children’s items chosen with great care. If we see the result of your choices, of course we know that it is a store where you can find those trendy pieces that we see again and again in cute children’s rooms shared on Pinterest or Instagram.

Pale pink nurseries are a perfect inspiration for a little girl, but adding those shimmery gold accents makes it seem that much more special and personal. The Scandinavian style bed is from Oliver Furniture, one of those firms that pops up in these dream rooms from time to time.


If you are one of those who think that you need a lot of children’s articles and design lessons to get a space from those that you would share a thousand times on social networks. The visual harmony is the most important, and here they have achieved it with very few details. Some beautiful black and white children’s prints, textiles in shades of pink and a rug in a natural fabric that combines with those baskets that are so popular now. And of course the reasons help too, with the stars as protagonists.


Vintage furniture has a lot of charm, and when restored, even more so, because you can use those pastel tones that are so typical of the Scandinavian style, as they have done in this room. Not everything has to be new and the secret of a good result lies in the mixtures and in the search for special pieces. Here they have focused on pink, gray and gold tones, and added many cuckoo shop pieces† Of course, it is easier for them to have so much inspiration in their daily life, but anyone can make such a nursery for their little princess.

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