Children’s room in greige and yellow

Many of you probably already know the greige. It is a very interesting shade that comes from the combination of beige and gray. Yes, a new neutral that brings out the best of cool colors and warm colors. To set a good example, we have chosen an environment of Mom, a Russian house specializing in custom furniture. A perfect example of the possibilities of this color, but also a great source of inspiration for children’s environments.

A color that gives light and personality

If we look at the part of the bed, we can realize how great custom furniture that reaches to the ceiling is. A way to completely clad the wall while taking advantage of the space. In addition, in this environment a small hole is left for the bed, which is used to place a house-like structure. Beautiful, no doubt.

As for color, here we see the potential of greige. We can say that, without being white or beige, it captures the natural light in the same way. No, it won’t obscure the kids’ stay.

In this area we also see the combination of this greige with the second color, the accent color, yellow. Since greige also uses warm colors in his combination, it’s no wonder that yellow works so well.

A children’s library

We love this part of the stay. A shelf that is part of the large piece of furniture custom-made for that wall, that of the bed. A shelf that, moreover, is still determined to carry the greige in each of its parts. To give the thing a bit of color, yellow planks are interspersed, continuing with this accent color.

Special mention deserves the armchair, with a screen that resembles the color of the custom furniture, as well as the curtains, which consist of two layers. A more dense one to leave the room in the dark, and another lighter one that lets the light through smoothly.

A space for study and activity

We end with one of the most interesting parts of this area. The color used on the walls is exactly the same as the other party’s custom cabinetry, greige. In this case, a white desk was chosen, which does not look out of place and fits perfectly with this color. A large desk with drawers and wall cabinet, so children can store all their school supplies.

Finally, it is impossible not to notice the climbing wall. They are very fashionable. They appear in many children’s rooms that we see on Instagram or Pinterest. While many prefer a rope system for the little ones to climb, in this case a wall with several grips is included. Some mats on the floor, in case any fall, and of course the yellow tone that accompanies the whole room. Of course, other colors have also been used to give this dynamic part a bit of life.

+ Information at: Mom

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