Children’s room in pastel colors

nursery colors

Mixing colors and elements can be a real headache, but for that we have inspirations as beautiful as this nursery in pastel colors† The central protagonist is the bed, the Caravan Divan model of the firm Kalon Studios, with simple wooden furniture with a modern and versatile style.

That bed is amazing, with those round legs and a solid and simple look, starring the whole room. It is also a piece that is used during the day for reading or playing, so the functionality is total. The side part to lean on is available in different colors and for this room they chose a pastel pink that blends perfectly with the rest of the environment.


Beyond this beautiful bed, in this nursery we are inspired by geometric patterns† A white and yellow striped rug contrasts with the bed linen, with dots and triangles. They all give dynamism to the whole, but without saturating the view!

In a children’s room you can’t ignore beautiful walls with some special decoration. An enormous framed print is perfect, with a funny circus bear that gives even more joy. We undoubtedly love cheerful shades in children’s rooms, and the little ones even more so.

nursery colors

Another idea that you should write down in this fantastic room is that of the bookshelves. That way of arranging, with the front covers, is much more motivating for the little ones because they attract them with those drawings and the stories behind them. You will see that they will enjoy their books constantly this way.

Here we leave you another inspiring nursery, like many of the rooms we show you, so you can get ideas. Today we see everything full of color, like a real rainbow, with a cheerful space that will excite any child† And if this isn’t your thing, you can always look for the rooms in black and white, which is also a nice option.

nursery pastel shades

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