Children’s room with sloping ceilings and well used

The attic rooms have that special charm that only these rooms can give. Those sloping ceilings, which create cozy environments, like magic. It is certainly a very interesting place to find the nursery. However, it should be borne in mind that attics have spatial limitations. They are rooms with particularities that must be treated in a special way. Today we show you a nice example, a children’s room with sloping ceilings that is very well used and that the interior designer brings us directly @chloecornu_architecture

Make good use of the space

Taking into account the structure and layout of an attic, it is necessary to carefully study where to place each element of the nursery. Keep in mind that in an attic we will find at least one side where the ceiling is lower. In this case, the decorator found two sloping walls that needed to be fully studied.

We like the solution, and a lot. It’s about using each side for the areas where the little ones lie. On one side we find a bed, also mounted in the wall. A hidden bed that makes it isolated from the rest of the room. In this way, what remains of the surface can easily be used as a unique play space.

On the other hand, in the other room with a sloping ceiling, a reading corner is turned on. Without a doubt an excellent option; and it is true that children will have no problem walking with a low roof.

The materials chosen in the attic room

We should also consider the materials chosen in this attic bedroom; and it is that we seem to be a total success.

On the one hand, the wooden beams have been left in the air, something that gives a much more welcoming touch to a space where white is very present. Note that this wood has been respected in the most inclined parts, something that makes the environment even more interesting.

In addition, it is also necessary to mark the carpet. Yes, we already know that not everyone appreciates this material, but it should be noted that today’s carpets have nothing to do with those of the past. Many have special treatments that reduce dust build-up and even repel liquids. Moreover, we cannot deny that it is very interesting as a playing surface for our children. Yes, carpet can be an excellent floor for a children’s playroom.

There is also wallpaper to give depth to the space. We love; And you already know that at decopeques we are big fans of children’s wallpaper.

the color palette

In the color palette, there are two neutral colors that act as a light base, the gray of the carpet and the white of the walls. Taking these colors into account, it is then possible to include many different shades. However, in this case, the main one is pastel pink. Pastel pink appears on the baseboard and on the bed frame, as well as on the curtain in the reading corner.

This pastel pink already gives color, but not enough. Thus, it was decided to put a floral wallpaper. A wallpaper that gives life to a wall but also extends to a very specific part of the room, the bed. Yes, in the form of a curtain, this wallpaper will cover this wall if the child is not sleeping. An excellent idea to unify the space and make the play area bigger in the eyes of the child and the visitors.

Images via: @chloecornu_architecture

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