Children’s rooms at Maison du Monde

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I was completely blown away by him. new catalog of the company Maison du Monde† When I tell you that there are ideas for all tastes, I think I’m not mistaken, because their ideas for decorating themed children’s rooms are great. Ideas that surprise everyone, because you have pirate rooms, inspired by the world of rock, cars or a fantasy world of princesses and knights. to do[email protected] to keep your mouth open?

Catalog Maison du Monde, themed rooms for children and teenagers

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Maison du Monde’s ideas are incredible for all the details each room has. I love to show you kids room inspirations so you can see finished ideas, and here you have an endless vein. do you have it? themed rooms that kids love so much, because they become authentic game rooms. Castles to fight enemies, a beach house or an Indian reservation.

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Best of all is that for every theme they have all conceivable furniture and accessories† Textiles, beds with an amazing structure in the form of a hut or a castle, and accessories to decorate and give the finishing touch to the environment. You have everything at hand in the same store.

Maison du Monde catalogue, lots of color

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This room in shades of pink is ideal for girls, an idea full of joy and pastel shades that do not saturate† Your choices are very good, as they inspire us to combine your furniture and details in the best possible way.

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In red and blue tones, it is another very nice option that brings vibrancy to the environment. Every detail, from the carpets to the furniture, is charming. We would post all the photos of Maison du Monde children’s rooms, but it would take a lot of time, although of course they are all equally impressive.

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Catalog Maison du Monde, baby rooms

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For the nursery there are also ideas full of intense colors such as red, or a more serene choice, with pastel shades. Whatever it is, they know how to combine each piece and still offer you solutions that are useful and versatile. Just fantastic ideas.

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