Children’s Theaters for the Home: Benefits of Playing with Puppets

Puppet theaters have been around for centuries. As early as the Middle Ages, dolls were an entertainment for society, and not only children, but also adults entertained themselves with spirited and witty plays. However, over time, the figure of puppet theater has passed into the world of children. While we can enjoy these shows on the street, with the famous storytellers, we can also create our own children’s theaters at home; and it is that playing with dolls has many benefits for our children. We talk a little bit about them.

A game that develops creativity

Puppets are one of those types of games that develop creativity and imagination. With them, the children have to come up with their own stories. They are the ones who decide at all times on the actions they represent as they move the puppets behind the theater. It is therefore an activity that gives free rein to your imagination.

Helps with attention span

Perhaps you hadn’t thought about it yet, but puppet shows stimulate your child’s concentration and thus their attention span. He thinks the little one will have to be attentive to both create his character and come up with a story to represent. All this helps the child to be focused during the game. If, on the other hand, it is the spectator, we also find a focused and concentrated child who watches the story with attention.

new crafts

The great thing about these theaters is that we can always add new characters. If you don’t like the old puppets or puppets anymore, nothing beats a day of tinkering to renew costumes and thus premiere a new work for the whole family.

stories with values

It is clear that the inventiveness of children plays a fundamental role here. Often, however, already learned stories are presented, with slight variations perhaps, stories that contain many moral teachings and great values, such as friendship, companionship or forgiveness.

Children who learn more

With these kinds of games, children stimulate their understanding. This is because they need to interact with the characters, especially if there are several children playing. In addition, it can be a very good activity to expand your vocabulary and work on logic or memory.

A children’s theater at home

We can buy turnkey theaters. Real beauties that are perfect on the wall and, once we decide to use them, in every room in the house. However, there are also many people who are encouraged to make their own stage, something that is not complicated if we have the time and materials such as cardboard or fabric.

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