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Our little ones are growing. They grow up and start to have different flavors. It is good to let our children express themselves through the arrangement of their bedrooms. Bearing in mind that teenagers may no longer feel comfortable with such light colors or childish decor, houses like Houses of the world They always look for solutions adapted to the taste of teenagers, such as the Rebel collection. Today we talk a little bit about it and what you can find.

industrial style materials

What strikes us most in this collection are the colors and materials. Yes, we can say that they are close to industrial aesthetics. A more carefree and less childish aesthetic, ideal for children as they get older.

For example, we find the coat rack with wheels in fir and black metal. A wooden furniture with a minimalistic touch that gives your young teenager’s room a cool and mature look. In addition, it is a very functional piece of furniture, because thanks to wheels we can move it around the room without any problems.

This line also includes the industrial desk in black metal and fir from the Rebel collection of Houses of the world† It is a very functional and incredibly modern desk. A piece that will help you fully personalize the bedroom. A piece with personality and presence that is also quite comfortable to carry out everyday tasks. Remember that a desk should above all be comfortable.

If you want to complete the set, don’t forget the Rebel office chair. A brown suede chair with an aged effect and wheels. Your little genius will be able to bring out his most creative vein drawing or cultivating his mind to become a future professional. As we can see, the aesthetic fits in seamlessly with the rest of the Rebel line. In addition, we add the first touches of rock to this collection, with the skull installed on the back of the backrest; and it is that another feature of this collection is that it tries to bring out the rock spirit of your kid.

Rock accents in the Rebel collection

Yes, we expected it, this collection is 50% industrial and 50% rock. We see it in many elements, such as the acacia cinema chair and the black hand-printed fabric. A cinema seat with a rock’n’roll hand stamped on the back.

It’s not the only element, far from it. In this Maisons du Monde collection we also find various decorative elements, such as the luminous white skull, a different touch for every table or shelf. If you need more, you can bet on the wall decoration with a white metal plate on which we can read a very rock message or the printed canvas on which a Rock Star Make Some Noise can be read.

Textiles for most rockers

Note that the rock touch is not only seen in the decorative accessories for the wall or the shelves. Textiles deserve a special mention. Yes, skulls are very much present in the Maisons du Monde Rebel collection. You can buy a large gray floor cushion with a print of a music-loving skull. You can also take advantage of the duvet covers with these motifs or opt for the curtains or the 100% rock rug. Perhaps the solution is to buy them all; and it is that, as we can see, the complete set is a real beauty.

Your child will be able to decorate the room with a slightly less boyish taste, but Houses of the world will keep you having all the style in the world.

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