Complete Guide to a Feng Shui Nursery

Feng Shui is an ancient art that strives to improve environmental conditions that promote the well-being and overall harmony of the person and his environment. Yes, Feng Shui applied to decoration can make our homes much more comfortable, happier and more harmonious. But in addition, this ancestral art can also be used in children’s rooms. We’ll show you how to do it and everything Feng Shui says about these spaces in the house.

The Nursery and Feng Shui

If we are a little interested in Feng Shui, we will know that it is clear that bedrooms are mainly rest areas. Yes, pick up and drop off locations. But when we talk about children’s rooms, something changes. The bedrooms of the little ones in the house are a different kind of space. They are spaces of an active character that keep them in constant physical movement and in constant mental and emotional activity. It is inevitable to realize that there is a big problem here for Feng Shui as there is a mix of functions in the same space.

When we look at western children’s rooms, we realize that they have evolved into a kind of multifunctional room. The space in the houses is not big enough to have a playroom and a bedroom for sleeping, not even in another space reserved for study and thus for concentration.

Children’s rooms are spaces with games, stuffed animals, clothes, desks and beds. In the past, the most active games were played outdoors. Now, in big cities, kids spend more time at home than outside, so these games are moved to these rooms.

Ultimately, the bed is surrounded by a lot of stimuli that can make it difficult to rest, according to Feng Shui this is not recommended at all. In addition, in many cases, these rooms are filled with colors that are too bold to help “stimulate the growth” of the child. It seems difficult to strike a balance between feng shui and the nursery, are we going to make it?

A children’s room a little more Feng Shui

It may seem complicated at first to combine children’s rooms and Feng Shui, but we can try. For starters, we should be aware that the mix of features means that bedrooms are not the places with the most Feng Shui in the world. Sleep should be kept separate from other functions. As we said, when we have more rooms in the house, it is easy to do it. Reserve the bedroom for an exclusive rest area. If not, the most important thing is that we make a difference visually. For example, we can realize double bedrooms.

A double-height bedroom allows the rest area to be completely out of the rest of the play area. An excellent option if we have high ceilings is to place the bed in the upper part so that the children can reach it via a ladder. Also the double-height floors, with a small step so that the bed is placed in a higher space.

In these children’s rooms with Feng Shui, we must avoid activating elements that conflict with tranquility, at least keep them as far away from this part of the room as possible. The resting place can be reinforced with a fixed bed or a headboard, and even with a carpet delimiting this area. In addition, you should also avoid shelves near the bed.

In this case, it is helpful to place some sort of box at the foot of the bed so that your kids leave all their belongings there before getting into bed. Always at the feet, never on the bed.

In this part of the rest we should also use dimmed and bright lights. Bright lamps that create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Also leave toys out of sight, but also elements that are reminiscent of the studio. At this point, furniture and chests of drawers that keep everything hidden behind their doors usually come in handy. Once collected, the bedroom will be a temple of tranquility.

Colors and decoration in a Feng Shui nursery

Colors and decoration are also important in a Feng Shui nursery. We must think that we are trying to keep children from being over-stimulated. For example, in the bedrooms of children up to 12 or 14 years old, soft tones, rather cold, should be kept in order to compensate for the fire element that is already part of their nature. Therefore, although blue tones for Feng Shui are not highly recommended in an adult bedroom, they are in a children’s room.

It is also a good option to bet on greens as they encourage relaxation and growth. In addition, shades such as pink, salmon, orange or ocher and earthy are also suitable for Feng Shui, to give warmth and add stability.

Harmonious atmosphere in a children’s room

Harmony in an environment is what one looks for in Feng Shui. In this case, a necessity is imposed in children’s rooms, which nothing is excessively noticeable. Try to create a harmonious atmosphere that integrates toys, paintings, books and figures and send positive messages without being overly showy. If we have very striking objects, we already know it, on the chest or on the drawers.

As for the decoration of the walls, it is good to reinforce this in a positive way with beautiful representations, they can focus on paintings with, for example, nature, animals or landscapes.

Many are careful with electronic devices. For Feng Shui, televisions and computers should be far from the rest room. While it is true that for European Feng Shui these devices are not negative in principle, they should always be in another part of the house, for example in the living room or dining room. If it is inevitable that they will be in the room, it is best to keep them out of our line of sight. They try to hide behind some furniture with doors or shutters.

Playing in a Feng Shui Bedroom

In Feng Shui, the free flow of Chi is sought in space, and our children are the greatest source of Chi in the whole house. For this reason, if they need to play and feel free in the bedroom, they should. For this it is important that you choose furniture that can be organized at any time. Furniture that is easy to move around and not too heavy so that if the little one wants more leeway at any given time, they can find it.

It is also important that they have a floor on which they can lie down easily. A wooden floor is ideal, but if we can’t go for this solution, we always have XXL rugs. There is nothing more comfortable and warm than a rug for the floor of the children’s room.

Play is important, but so is rest, as we have seen. Therefore, always try to use storage solutions that are easy to use and that can hide all our children’s toys at any time before going to sleep.

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