Corners to play for those who lack nothing

The children have to play. Having a playground is arguably one of the best decisions we can make. A space where they can display the whole arsenal of toys. First we make sure that the house is not cluttered with your belongings. On the other hand, the little one has a special corner for him. A place where your imagination runs wild. And since it’s about playing, today I present some corners to play those who lack nothing. Small and big ideas that can inspire us.

take advantage of the corners

I like this environment. A clear example of a game room. Light is essential, something that is more than present thanks to the window. The warm color invites you to play. Of course without going overboard with the cartridges. But besides that, I find it very interesting how corners and walls are used in general. Toys and larger furniture are placed in a corner so that they are collected properly. Although at some point they can be taken out and used in the rest of the room.

Contrasting whites in corners to play

Like I said, light is important. A children’s playground should be well lit. In this case, they choose not only to be near a fairly important light source, but also to paint the room completely white. White does not only increase light circulation. This shade of white makes the toys, which are normally quite colorful, stand out much more and give absolute priority to play.

A place full of carpets

The rugs are warm. If we take into account that children play a lot on the floor, it is not surprising that they also take center stage in these play corners. This environment is also very interesting. Not only through the use of color, which is reflected, but also through the use of different rugs. Rugs that make the game a lot more pleasant in the cold months.

From tents and chalkboard walls

Not much is appreciated in this environment. However, the parts that can be seen are the most attractive. A special play corner made of a tent. A renovated tipi that allows your child to go in and create hundreds of stories. A blackboard wall as a background What better way to draw the scenarios of a game world?

Small spaces well used

You may not have a very large bedroom or separate playroom. However, there are solutions for everything. I like this option. A large shelf, with a certain vintage taste, in which all kinds of toys can be stored. The lower part is devoted to books, something that is complemented by a stool on which the child can sit comfortably to read his favorite stories. Without a doubt one of those magical corners in a child’s room.

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