Crafts for children: a small puppet theater

Making a puppet theater at home can be very, very simple. And no, this time we’re not talking about a small theater. On this occasion, we are talking about a big theater where the little ones can go in and perform fun plays created by them. A children’s craft that can be beautiful and also fill hours and hours of fun.

Materials to make the theater

  • A large box: it would be ideal if the small one could fit in it. We can buy boxes online or go to locations where they have large boxes, such as appliance stores.
  • Painting: of the colors we like the most.
  • Fabric: to be able to make two curtains for the theater.
  • Tassels: to be able to finish the two curtains.
  • Garlands and glitter: to decorate the rest of the theater.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue


The step by step is very simple. We will put the box upright to see where we want to place the stage of our theater. Keep in mind that in the lower part the little ones will be hidden to show their dolls. So try to make the “window” at the top.

Cut out the podium and continue painting. The design can be as we like, although we must recognize that the one in this example seems to us a real beauty. Simple and original.

Write the word theater with glitter, add the curtains with their tassels in the part of the stage and place the decorative streamers to give this room more life.

Materials for the dolls

  • Map
  • paintings.
  • Wool and fabrics.
  • Short wooden sticks.
  • Silicone or hot glue.
  • Scissors.


A good puppet theater needs good puppets. In this case, we can do them in a very simple way. We can make different animals from cardboard and wooden sticks.

We cut the cardboard with round shapes to make the head. Then we paint them and add details in wool or fabric to give them a pop of color. We will also paint the smaller parts, such as the eyes or the mouth.

We can add wool to make the fur of our little animals, as well as various ribbons to make the most beautiful dolls.

Once we have the heads of our dolls ready, all we need to do is glue the cardboard to the short sticks with silicone or hot glue.

We will have a really nice set of dolls for our kids to use while crouching in the theater.

Images via: the composite children

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