Crafts for Kids: Painting Stones with Animal Shapes

The holidays are here and with them many moments of beach and mountains. There is also a time when the little ones can get thousands of treasures on their excursions. We can collect all these treasures at home until we eventually get tired and throw them away or maybe we can take some of these treasures like stones and use them. Today we bring you this beautiful craft: river stones painted in the shape of animals. These are also not static parts. The interesting thing about this option is that we will make different parts of an animal’s body. With the flat stones we will imagine which parts could correspond to certain animals and then, taking these into account, we will paint them accordingly. In this way, our children can play to collect real animals or to put the head of a lion on a rabbit. We get a fun puzzle that will fill hours and hours of fun.

Materials for this craft

River stones: They should be flat stones with different shapes. The ideal is to get a good shipment and then figure out which one we can use. An excursion to the river can be wonderful to collect them.

Acrylic paint: Acrylic paint is ideal for painting stones. You can get them in tube format, in the form of a pen or perhaps the more traditional way with small glass jars. In the latter case and in the former, we also need a suitable brush to be able to paint the stones.


The first part is the most imaginative of all. We have to take all the stones and figure out which animals they can represent. Let your child think and fantasize for himself, but if you see that he can’t think of anything, help him not to get frustrated.

We can make real animals or design our own. Since it is a game in which the imagination plays a big role, in the end every option is valid.

Once we are clear which pieces we are going to use and which animals we want to make, we will have to paint the bricks with a base color.

Once they are painted, we let them dry to continue working.

Crayons or acrylic with felt tip pen are great for details and faces.

If you also need ears, you can cut them out of felt and glue them to the stone with hot glue.

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