Cubby houses for children: a raised wooden house

Are you ready? What we bring you today will make you fall in love on incredible levels. How many times have we dreamed of a toy house for children? If we have a garden, we can even plant it outside. It’s what they do Castle Cubby, and the truth is, their land house models (because they also have tree house models) are a true miracle. Yes, most of us are a little far out as their workshops are in Melbourne and Byron Bay. However, we can be inspired by it. If we’re handymen, we might even be able to reproduce some of their models. Models like this one, the A-Frame Cubby house. A collaboration with Captain and The Gypsy Kid, a paradise for every child.

a raised house

What we liked most about this space is that it is not a tree house, but is elevated, like many of its models. A large wooden surface rises from the ground and can be accessed via several stairs to this space.

Wood is very present, something that also seems charming to us; and it’s that this wood gives it that special touch, like an old barn.

The main structure does not cover the entire surface, so we will also have a lot of space to play. This structure is a tipi-type house, but made of wood. A cottage that can be closed or opened by setting up a makeshift porch.

a very special place

The windows allow sunlight to enter the central space, which can accommodate a beautiful bed. In addition, one side of the roof opens to create additional relaxation space for the whole family. A ventilated and fresh space with many possibilities.

A house for all ages

We love this space for several reasons. The aesthetics are more than clear, but it is also that, if we look closely, it is very functional. A house that will accompany our son in his growth.

On the one hand, they can play when they are small. They can create a secret corner where they can place their own decorations and place their toys. But in addition, when they grow up, it can also be an extra refuge during their puberty.

Moreover, we find this space beautiful and useful, even when the children are older. An extra room in the house that could even be used as a guest room. What do you think?

+ Information at: castle and cubby

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