Design children’s room with slide


Isn’t it wonderful to wake up every morning from a slide? For any kid, it will seem like the best idea in the world to add a slide to their home wherever it is. If it’s in your nurserywhere they spend most of their time, well, better than better.

This apartment has a nursery worth copying in any home. Take advantage of every corner, and this way there’s plenty of room to put down a hilarious slide for them to go down every day, until they get tired, although we doubt this will happen.

Children’s bedroom with slide in modern design

In so little space they have a study place, storage room, reading and sleeping area† It has great ideas, like that blackboard at the top, all over the wall, to unleash your most artistic side. And from their bed, which is in the kind of cabin at the top, they can play all kinds of characters, from astronauts to explorers. He does not lack the window to view his special amusement park.


Although we once gave you the idea of ​​a removable slide for the stairs, it will definitely hang in your room. A great nursery, with such a quirky design that we couldn’t resist showing it to you. They will spend hours walking up the stairs and throwing themselves down the slide again. And despite everything being in a well-used space, it gives a feeling of space and space.

Have you forgotten that high feeling when you went down the slide? Well, now the little ones can live it every day, have a great time without leaving the room. A house like this can only be full of laughter and fun on a daily basis. Naturally It’s a design to add to the little ones’ favorites

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