Details in natural wood for children’s decoration

Yes, textiles, wallpaper and other elements are important in children’s decoration. But I don’t want to focus on that today. Today I want to focus on details that give warmth. Elements that add up and make these rooms a little more inviting. I want to talk about wooden objects. Small (and not so small) natural wood details that will make for a much more natural and charming nursery.

Wooden frames for a bed

Yes, we like house shaped beds. But no, I don’t want to emphasize the shape itself. I want to emphasize the material in this type and other structures, natural wood. Either for this one or for a normal and current bed head. Either to place it on the legs or on a bed base type settee. Natural wood in our cot makes dreams much warmer.

A box for toys

I also find this example very interesting. Although wicker baskets or painted boxes are a good storage method for toys. Natural wooden boxes take us back in time a bit. That while you can buy them, they aren’t hard to make. In general, with a little time and skill, wood can be worked well. Remember, of course, that they are elements that will come into contact with your children. So don’t forget to sand it well.

a simple bookshelf

Is there anything easier than placing shelves on the wall? They are useful, we cannot ignore them. Also, looking at this image, natural woods make them stand out a lot against colors like white, although a pastel shade of blue or green would also go well with paint. We can also do this ourselves without too much effort. Some planks and fixing systems cut to size. With a drill and a good hand you have a warm detail in the nursery.

Handmade toys made of natural wood

Handmade toys fascinate me, if they can also be made of wood, so much the better. Who hasn’t dreamed of a rocking horse? Besides being fun, rocking is the most, these little horses are the most aesthetically pleasing. It will look fantastic in any corner of your little one’s room.

Tables that serve everything

If we were talking about tables or shelves as shelves, why not include them as beautiful desks as well? A natural wooden board can serve as a surface on which your children can work comfortably. They’re inexpensive, can be cut to size, and all you need is a pair of legs (maybe a trestle) and some sort of bracket-like mounting system. The result, as we can see, is magical.

Is there anything more natural than a stick?

Yes, you read that right. Even a wooden stick can make your paper. A nice detail that could serve as a makeshift bar to hang your child’s coats and jackets on. Simpler and cheaper impossible.

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