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You already know that we always have a number of brands that we highlight as favorites. Baiba is one of them. We like it for the wide variety of items it has, but also for the delicacy it puts into absolutely all the designs it releases and includes in its catalog. Today we are going to surprise you again; and few beds are as beautiful as the ones brought to us this season in Bainba. Beds and some accessories that will make your child’s room a much better place to dream and fantasize.

the house bed

The Bainba house bed it is a real pleasure. It is true that it is a bed model that may need a medium or large room, but if we have the necessary space, the effect is really charming.

The wooden house bed is shaped like a house, as the name suggests. It has a simple and attractive design consisting of three half walls and a roof. A house that could be part of all those stories we read to our children before they go to sleep.

Another feature we like most about this Bainba bed model is the height. It is a low bed, so our children can get on and off without help. This freedom and autonomy fits perfectly with the Montessori method, which you already know we are big fans of, but at Bainba they are too and most of their articles encourage and support it.

When we think of the Montessori method, natural materials have a lot of attention. While it is true that this bed can be ordered in white lacquer, the model itself is made of natural wood. We cannot deny that children’s rooms decorated with natural wood have that Scandinavian or even rustic and warm touch that we find so appealing.

The wooden house bed is made of pine wood, without any kind of treatment it couldn’t be more natural.

It should be noted that in the same model we can add the guardrail, a perfect element that is ideal when the children are still young and that we can remove as soon as we see fit. In addition, you can also buy the trundle bed, a very interesting model for when the little ones start inviting friends over to sleep.

Montessori cloud bed

As we mentioned, at Bainba they are very interested in the Montessori method, so they also offer us the Montesori cloud bed† This bed is perfect for any children’s room, characterized by its high strength and comfort, as well as a very sweet design.

As in the previous case, we are faced with a low bed, a bed that allows our children to be completely autonomous and control getting in and out of bed without the help of an adult.

The novelty on this occasion is that the Montessori Nube Bed in natural wood, also made of pine and without any treatment. A bed that without a doubt meets all the requirements that a Montessori piece of furniture must meet.

Shelf Accessories

Bainba also has accessories for these two beds; and it is that in this company we find absolutely everything we need to make our son’s room perfect. For example, we look at the Casita children’s bookcase† Yes, it can be an excellent addition to the house-shaped bed we presented to you today.

It is an original shelf in the shape of a dollhouse. It’s a storage corner, but it can also become another element to play with at some point if we put it on the floor or at a height that they can reach.

We love the roof, which emphasizes curvaceous details and endless compartments to store all kinds of items, from stuffed animals, books, shoes, crayons or whatever we can think of.

This shelf, like most Bainba products, can be painted white in natural solid wood, the latter being without a doubt our favourite. Yes, we already know that wood creates natural and inviting spaces. However, we must not forget that white furniture is timeless and provides a lot of light in the bedrooms and also radiates an extra dose of peace and serenity.

As a second option, and highly recommended for the Montessori Cloud Bed, we have the solid wood cloud wall shelf for children. The cloud shelf a true beauty, with a cloud shape that makes the little ones dream that they are flying through the sky and reaching faraway places full of fantasy. Its size also makes it a very useful decorative shelf, ideal for placing everything from books, toys to picture frames.

We can’t deny that at Bainba we were again surprised; and it’s that few companies put in so much effort to show us how much effort they put into creating functional and aesthetic designs at the same time.

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