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Do you want to flood yourself with joy and positivism? Well, notice the nursery we bring you from today Jauraipumappeler, full of colour, mishmash and original things and above all cheerful and fun. Lilou’s room is a collection of beautiful things, small details that have created an eclectic and very personal nursery. It has a unique charm and we can get many ideas from it.

For starters, they have one of those original wicker beds that are so trendy, that have a certain vintage and, above all, natural look. The bed is full of cuddly toys and soft dolls that they play with, because a room should above all be personal. But there are also other things that we like, such as the ball garland and the fabric garland, both very colorful, the animal masks, the children’s print or the beautiful paper lamp that looks like origami. Everything is mixed and we like the eclectic style



In this eclectic nursery we find a vintage-style study area, with a nice table and chair for children. We also see that they like the wicker trend, as not only does the bed use this material, but there is also a basket for books and a wicker shelf, giving everything a bohemian and casual touch.



We continue with the special details in this eclectic nursery. How about more creative lighting for the room? Well, you have those twigs with lights that give the room a very dreamy atmosphere. In addition, they have mixed vintage wooden furniture with varied colors in the storage room, such as that chest of drawers in light purple. And there are other small details, such as the vintage toy kitchen or the pendant in the shape of mountains. A room that surprises us every step of the way and in which we find ourselves lots of inspiration to create fun environments with complete freedom.


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