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The times we live in are difficult times. A pandemic that has left us spending more time at home, deprived of the freedom to engage in activities abroad with our children. Now if we have a terrace or a garden, quarantines are more bearable. Just thinking of our outside, Houses of the world launches a new collection for 2021. A collection where anything is possible, always with a maxim, to create a welcoming environment outside the home for the whole family.

A collection full of details: inspiration is outside

Our home has always been our refuge, now much more so. At Maisons du Monde they know them and that’s why they wanted to create an original, special, warm and unique outdoor collection. Endless products that will make our terrace a very interesting place to spend afternoons playing with our children.

The Outdoor 2021 collection is a selection of furniture that also includes all kinds of decorative elements and even lighting of different styles, from the most exotic to the most classic. There are many proposals that are made to us, but because we know that it is important to us that the environments are pleasant for the little ones, we look at that part of the collection that can make the most of the terraces for their benefit . We foresee that the color and natural fibers are more than present.

A collection full of natural fibres

Although there are all kinds of materials, from aluminum, PVC or wrought iron, the natural fibers We fell in love with this outdoor collection. Wicker hammocks, woven palm umbrellas or modular sofas made of rattan. Objects that make our exterior a paradise for young and old; and it is that we will relax, but they can have fun playing and imagining that they are on a desert island. They can even camp outside if the weather permits, with products such as four-poster beds that allow them to gaze at the stars all night long.

exotic touch

We love exotic accents. It’s not the first time we’ve children’s rooms with this kind of decoration. Moreover, at Maisons du Monde there are also children’s interiors based on these environments. The exterior collection couldn’t be less. There is a wide range of options that transport us to other places in the world thanks to the rattan effect furniture, the hanging armchairs and the decoration with cane or rope.

Lighting with woven bamboo lanterns, garlands or ceiling lamps is mixed with artificial plants that look real. One that you don’t have to care for so that they are always beautiful, with their large and exotic leaves.

prints and colors

Although there is a more sober and elegant part of the catalog, the colors are very much present in other products. We will not only find colorful fabrics for our terraces, based on cushions or covers for sofas and chairs. Also brightly colored furniture so that our children unfold in a cheerful corner, just like them.

A commitment to sustainable style

The elegance and design of Maisons du Monde furniture are assured, but this company also does not deviate from its goal of creating designs that are increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly. At Maisons du Monde, wood is used that is certified by the FSC organisation, which ensures that its origin is the result of responsible use of natural resources. Also the recycled wood or PET plastic that is used in a large part of the furniture range, both indoors and outdoors. This last point is especially interesting because the use of recycled material greatly reduces the impact on the environment.

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