Feng Shui in children’s decoration. Where to find the study table.

study table location

And with this post, we close the chapter that Maru Canales has devoted to the application of the Feng Shui technique in children’s rooms and which is part of his book “Feng Shui in Life”, which will be published in a few months.

In the past few days we have already seen:

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Today we publish the part dedicated to the correct location of the study table

As for the placement of the study tables, not only because of a matter of optimizing the space but also because of a difference in our objectives, the opposite of what would be recommended in an office is usually recommended. In this case it is recommended not to facilitate the visibility of the entrance door;Obviously, knowing that we can be surprised at any moment doesn’t make it easy for us to change study for a game. Likewise, a wall is not meant to be an invitation for us to be distracted. In this case, Chart A would be appropriate and Chart B would not be recommended.

In any case, we must not forget how important it is when choosing a table and chair. the convenience and in that sense the size of the table is one of the most important factors. I know they may still seem small to us to have a good study table, but the sooner we get used to the habit the better and for that it is worth investing in providing facilities. Over time, the number of study hours increases and the importance of comfort becomes central.”

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