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Mom, remember to carefully review the details of the environment and the environment where the children will spend much of their time. It is important!!

For a long time I have been particularly drawn to the Feng Shui technique, both for the great logic and common sense it entails, as well as for the benefits that a well-planned environment brings to all people, adults and children. At DecoPeques, we have thought about the subject to share with you some Feng Shui ideas and for this we contacted one of the most educated people in Spain. Maru channels He has a master’s degree in Feng Shui practice and counseling from the School of Lillian too, guru of business around the world. He has carried out Feng Shui projects for important companies, has his own Feng Shui company in Madrid (OCTO), writes books, gives courses, conferences, writes his own blog (highly recommended) and… he is a lovely person.

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Maru is writing her new book “Feng Shui in life. The influence of the environment on our personal well-being” and he has kindly shared with us the section on children’s rooms before the book was published. Here are some excerpts from his book…

“The Feng Shui technique analyzes the keys to the language of the physical space in which we live, understanding the environment as a means of communication capable of supporting or contradicting our messages. Besides simply decorating the spaces, it is about making sure that the decoration inspires us, serves as self-motivation and supports us in our personal well-being.

We will see that we will not always be able to put each of the proposals into practice, that some will sometimes contradict others because of the layout of our present space. It is normal for this to happen when the practice of the Feng Shui technique is not provided in the division of space. On the other hand, if we reflect our way of thinking and acting in space, it makes sense that the contradictions that arise in the different areas of our lives are also reflected.”

As for the toys…

“Children’s rooms are not only conducive to rest, but usually also fulfill the function of a playroom. Therefore, when choosing furniture, we should leave as much space as possible for the game, while thinking about the best way to store it, what to leave within reach and what not.

When the time of fears comes in the dream, it is important to make sure that certain toys are not in sight. There are dolls that are really scary in the dark. This is the main reason why mirrors are not recommended in children’s rooms, at night they reflect shadows which, along with the imagination, can ruin anyone’s sleep.”

About the Pictures in the nursery…

“The Feng Shi technique invites us to understand the physical space as a means of communication, in the sense, what could be better than choosing images that support our educational messages, that reflect the values ​​we want to convey to our children. We know all that a picture is worth a thousand words and an example more than a thousand pictures.”

youth bedrooms

“This is a time when the room is becoming a very relevant part of our world and decorating it can be an additional way to express yourself. That’s a very interesting fact to take into account, the need for expression of adolescence and the opportunity we can offer them in that sense by decorating their room.”

(Texts from the original manuscript of “Feng Shui in life”, Editorial CEAC October 2009)

Next week we will continue these interesting techniques in 2 posts, one devoted to the ideal location of the bed and another to the best situation for the work table.

More information:
Feng Shui Books section of the blog Maru Canales

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