Feng Shui in the nursery, the situation of the bed


Continuing with last week’s post on Feng Shui in Kids Decor, today we’re going to see what the ideal bed position relative to the entrance door to the room. As we mentioned, the lyrics belong to the original “Feng Shui in Life” Manuscript, which Maru Canales was kind enough to give us before his book was published.

“As for the placement of the bed, in children’s rooms, placement relative to the door is a priority. The most comfortable and relaxed position is therefore the position that allows us to operate the door without standing in front of it, as shown in graph 2.

In my professional work, working with hotel companies, I’ve had access to studies that confirm this fact. It scares us to think that someone could come in and surprise us head-on (like the example in Chart 1). Another curiosity, we are also concerned that light can be seen through the closed door, which is common in hotels, when light from the hallways enters through a crack in the door.

It is also true that the Feng Shui technique does not recommend placing the headboard on the same wall that shares the door, the ideal division would be that of picture 3, using a wardrobe that covers the direct view and at the same time not facing us from the door. † As we said at the beginning, if you can’t have everything, you have to decide on the possible options, sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good. In any case, what we should avoid is sharing the head of a bed with a wall that leads to a bathroom on the other side, especially when downspouts coincide on that wall.”

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