Houses of the World: Junior collection 2019

Today we bring you a novelty that we are sure you will like all of them. More than one is a fan of Maisons du Monde, which doesn’t surprise us at all; and it’s that this company always finds those charming pieces for every corner of the house. Yes, also for our little ones. The catalog of new Junior 2019 collection is here, and couldn’t have nicer things. A catalog characterized by diversity and trends. Environments that tell us about a world full of fantasies where our children will grow up dreaming about the stars, the sea or even classical dance. In addition, as a novelty, at Maisons du Monde, they have created an outdoor range adapted for the little ones; outdoor children’s furniture and decorations that make this summer even more fun.

Collections that brighten up bedrooms

The catalog of this new collection is divided into different sections. The first, the one they named “Sweet Baby”. We find many environments for the little ones in the house. Corners that make sure our babies have the sweetest room we can imagine.

Different universes for different babies, like the world of “My Little Mouse”. Pastels in pink with natural wood furnishings to give warmth, and a beautiful salmon pink that makes the room much sweeter. You will find absolutely everything from rugs, crib mobiles, chests of drawers or wardrobes and bedsteads. Also some specific decoration products, all themed with a very nice mouse.

Another example of this collection can be found in the environments “Good and quiet nights!”. How could it be otherwise, the moons take center stage. White and gray for rooms that dream of Scandinavian style. Elegant bedrooms but with a charming touch based on awnings and rugs or furniture as practical as a bedstead that turns into 3 separate pieces of furniture: a chest of drawers, a bookcase and a bed measuring 90 x 190 cm.

Let’s not forget the sky theme; and it is that in this new catalog also the stars play a leading role. An environment that has been given the title “On the way to the stars”. Slightly more powerful blues, bold grays and elements that play with star patterns.

Your little koala also gets a place in this catalog. Yes, a nursery decorated with koalas everywhere. Stuffed animals, boxes to store your toys and furniture that follows the previous trends, in natural wood and white. Discover light drawers or chests of drawers, the kind that don’t take up too much space, but give the bedroom extra presence.

The pastel color revolution is coming

In Houses of the world the world of boys and girls arrives completely revolutionized. Our children can be whatever they want to be, from beautiful unicorns with the “Mermaid” collection to future astronauts, with a collection that brings us closer to heaven with colors such as gray or white.

We love the variety of colors in this collection. White, blue or pink, but also yellow, neon and black. There is no limit. Not even for decorative motifs, always based on clear trends, such as flamingos, unicorns and little mermaids.

Be careful with the products for our teens; with the spirit of “Boho Grily” they will have a decoration that goes from tropical to surfer style. Prints with leaves, vibrant colors and a certain beach feeling that has fascinated us.

The cowboys of the modern age

Pirates make their appearance in the children’s universe. Blue and white tones and yellow accessories, to give the rooms more dynamism. In addition, it does not disregard the aesthetics that are always successful in children, such as the world of dinosaurs. In the Maisons du Monde catalog there is a section for them with all kinds of products, from stuffed animals and dolls to dinosaur-shaped watches.

Future astronauts will also find products for them. Rocket-shaped neons, Indian teepees with star prints and rugs that tell us about the sky.

Continuing through the catalog, we see that the colors of British decoration are fully present in these rooms, in the furniture and in the decorative boxes as well as in the cars. Yes, car-shaped beds. Is there anything more irresistible to our children?

Rock teens have a range of products in black and white to create a room adapted to them. In addition, as we said, yellow is very present, one of the colors of the season.

Children’s outdoor decoration

We end with the part of products for the outside of Houses of the world† It was one of the most pleasant surprises, and the truth is that any of the products can be a safe bet to make the summer on the terraces more fun.

You really have everything from tables and chairs adapted to the little ones, outdoor rugs and even an Indian teepee for playing outside.

What we like the most is without a doubt the color combination. A striking palette was sought. The combination of pastel shades mixed with yellow, turquoise and pink makes deco and outdoor furniture a true miracle. They look perfect on any patio, balcony or garden.

The products in this new catalog are undoubtedly quite a discovery if we think about changing the decoration of our children’s room. Stylish products that also have the quality seal of this great company.

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