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Playing and growing go hand in hand, which is why we’ve all had our little corner of games, that space where we went to indulge in our imaginations. Designing a playroom may seem simple, but the truth is that we need to think about what the little ones like the most, the style that calls to us and the areas in which it will be divided.

That’s why we brought you some inspiration for your playroom, with different styles and ways to understand this space, starting with a beautiful room with a teepee shelter, a vintage-style kitchen, a space to rest and a table to paint and draw. Perfectly used!

Playroom with Bohemian Accents

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Through boligmagazinet

The bohemian style always has a casual atmosphere that everyone likes, especially the little ones. That beautiful rug for them to play on the floor is a very functional place and a piece that simultaneously draws a lot of attention and adds personality to the room. They also have vintage furniture mixed with more modern, in a style that also has something eclectic† It is an original space, with few items and that leaves a lot of room for the imagination of the little ones.

vintage playroom


Through tagandtibby

Everything vintage has dazzled us, from wooden toys to children’s furniture or vintage playrooms like this one. The chairs and blackboard look like something from an old school and wooden toys help us travel back in time. Because it is true that there are toys that do not go out of style.

Scandinavian style game room


Through design milk

This is a perfect idea for those who don’t have an entire playroom for the little ones. There is no reason to give up that special angle for them. Is wooden house is the perfect retreattheir play area, in which we can add beautiful and colorful textiles that invite you to play and rest.

Colorful playroom


Through moodkids

If there’s one thing the little ones love about decoration, it’s the color. Always They are called bright and happy colors, so this playroom will become your favorite place in the house. In this room we can use these tones, which invite dynamics and play. Everything in this room tells us that the little ones are free to play and imagine as they please.

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