How to Create a Perfect Study Space: 5 Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

vintage-shared-study space

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There comes a time when the little ones need their own study space, a place where they can concentrate and quietly do their homework, to build a routine. If they have a shared nursery it gets complicated, which is we need twice as much space. But just as we have many cool and practical ideas to create a shared room, we are also going to give you enough inspiration to create a shared study space for kids† And the sea will be beautiful!

For starters, let’s get a wall-mounted world map that’s trending! and we already have a much more academic environment, right? If you found it in vintage style, look for nice matching furniture, with two desks and two chairs or a large table and two chairs, which may or may not match, so that each has something of its own and unique.

Shared study corner with vintage soul

shared children's study area

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This piece of furniture has a vintage style, but is also very special, because it is a children’s desk for two in one piece† We love it because you can paint it however you want, and it fits perfectly in this room with some vintage touches. In addition, it does not take up too much space and you have the advantage that the chairs always remain in place. To complete the study space, add some bookshelves so they are close.

Children’s and original study area


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This area of ​​study is great! It serves as a playhouse, as a creative space for your artistic moments and also as a place to do your homework. And not only can it fit two siblings, but there’s room for three, in case you have a large family. In the front wooden part you can place shelves and filing cabinets so that they have everything at hand.

Shared but differentiated area of ​​study


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If we create a study space for two, the best thing is that each has its differentiated zonea, with his stuff and his own lighting. Good lighting is a very important part of study places, so in this inspiration they use two spotlights, so that they each have their own well-lit space.

Simplicity in the study room for two

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

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In principle, if we don’t want to complicate ourselves with furnishing the study space because they are not going to make much use of it yet, we can create a simple space. A shelf as a table and two folding chairs that we can remove whenever we want, so that they have more space to play. A fast, simple and economical solution, which also combines beautifully with the most basic Scandinavian style. Did these shared children’s study space inspirations help you?

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