How to make a play area at home

We all want a juice room for our kids. A place where they can fantasize, create and have fun. Now it’s possible that not all houses can do it the same way. First we need to know where to find this leeway and then write down the essentials that should not be missing.

Where do you place the play area in the house?

It is certainly the most important question. If we have an independent and empty room, it could be a good place to find it. Remember that when our children are very young, it is not a good idea for them to play without us. When they are small or when we don’t have enough space, the best way to adapt this space is in the living room or the room where we spend most of our time.

We have the location in the living room, in a separate room and we can also choose a part of the children’s bedroom. And when we work from home, we can create that corner in our own office, to keep an eye on them as they play.

Supplies in a playroom at home

As for the essence, no matter where we place the playground, we will have to add some elements. For example the carpets. The rugs are ideal for the little ones to play on the floor for hours and hours. They protect them not only from the cold, but also from any falls. If you find the play space in the living room, you can take advantage of the play space you have there. In the event that the play corner is in another part of the house, you may need to buy one. The good news is that there are many options for children’s rugs that adapt to any space, even round ones. It is also recommended that it is a washable model, which we already know that children do nothing else, but getting dirty is quite dirty.

Besides the rug, another essential (especially if we want order to be no problem) is a toy rack. A storage product in which we can store the little one’s toys. We can also use furniture with large capacity storage boxes or baskets. There are even bags in which the toys are stored and completely collected in seconds.

In addition to helping with tidying up, we can teach our children from an early age the importance of order and the responsibility of tidying up their own things.

A Montessori playground

You already know that we are very interested in the Montessori method, and we also know that there are many of you who are also interested in it, which is why we think it is important to know what Montessori says about children’s playgrounds. Let us not forget that this method pursues the development of the child, or rather self-development, in all its facets. To do this, this method favors creating perfectly structured environments to get the most out of the little ones.

A Montessori playroom is being designed to stimulate creativity, children’s thinking, their physical development and the exploration of the environment or the absorption of knowledge. For this, we will include furniture the size of our children so that they can manipulate it themselves. Shelves and shelves at their height so they can place and remove books and toys on their own.

In addition, all kinds of didactic and educational material will be incorporated, with pictures, wooden toys and spaces to stimulate movement and the development of activities.

A priority is order, but no way. For the Montessori method it is important that the toys are ordered; and it is that if the child learns to play in chaos, his thinking may also become chaotic.

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